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Promoting a positive and respectful work environment that sustains both personal and professional growth of Lander University staff.



The Staff Senate advocates and represents the interests of staff to administration and the campus community.



The Lander University Staff Senate exists to ensure the welfare of its staff. Serving as a liaison between staff, administration, faculty and students. The senate advises the administration on matters concerning the staff. This focus provides staff a voice to promote a positive and respectful work environment that sustains both personal and professional growth. In support of the university's strategic plan, specifically the goal of being an employer of choice. The Staff Senate strives foremost to contribute to the overall success of Lander University and its students.


Senate Members & Areas

The university's diverse workplace environment provides specialized resources for Lander students, and as such, the employees in those areas have a wide range of skills, experience and professional development.

Members of the Staff Senate are colleagues, representing the staff in their work area by voicing the staff's ideas, thoughts and concerns to the administration. In working alongside their constituents, each Senator has a better understanding of the unique needs of staff being represented.

Senators represent staff (non-faculty) employees who work in the campus areas identified below. The number of senators for each area is determined by the total number of staff (non-faculty) employees working in that area. At this time, the ratio is one senator for every 20 employees. 

Staff employees may share their ideas, thoughts or concerns with any senate member, regardless of the assigned area.  However, staff may only vote on candidates from their specific area.

The Director of Human Resources serves as an ex-officio member.

Includes Office of Academic Affairs, College of Arts & Humanities, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Graduate & Online Studies, College of Science & Mathematics, Jackson Library, School of Nursing and Student Support Services


Includes CARE Team, Campus Rec & Intramural Sports, Career Services, Equestrian Center, Housing & Residence Life, Student Life, Office of Student Affairs, Student Conduct and Student Wellness Center


Official Minutes & By-Laws

All meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in the College of Education Conference Room, LC 228.


Meeting Dates



Staff Senate By-Laws


Official Minutes


All Lander University staff employees are eligible to serve on the Staff Senate if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Any staff member who is in good standing; and
  2. Occupies a FTE (full-time equivalent) position; and
  3. Completed one year of employment with the university

Senators are elected to two-year terms. The term will be served consecutively effective July 1 (beginning of term) through June 30 (the second year of a Senator’s term).


Staff Senate Nomination Criteria

Staff Senate Nomination Form

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