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Parking regulations are established to maintain an orderly traffic flow and to assure fair and equal access to parking on Lander University campus. The goal is to make parking on campus as convenient and uncomplicated as possible.

Parking Map. Faculty/Staff/Commuter (FSC) parking areas are located along the perimeter of the Lander University campus and are open to commuting students and employees with valid FSC-zoned parking permits. See the Parking Map (PDF) for lot locations and estimated walking/travel times from each lot to the campus's administrative/academic buildings.

Zoned Parking on campus is enforced on Lander campus between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please check with the LUPD if you are unsure of any parking zones. Violators will be issued a citation and possibly towed.

Visitors' Parking Spaces are enforced between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. After hours, these spaces are open for general parking; however, service & delivery spaces are not to be used for general parking at anytime. There are no designated visitor parking spaces or times for University Place or McGhee Court.

Immobilization Devices - Vehicles can be booted or towed under the following circumstances:  Habitual Violators, Unregistered vehicles, and at the LUPD's discretion of law enforcement for safety and security needs. LUPD Officers are the only authorized personal who can remove vehicle boots. A semester boot administration fee will be applied once a boot has been placed on a vehicle. A boot maintenance fee of $250 will be applied when the boot is removed by anyone who is unauthorized or when the boot has been damaged/tampered with in any manner. Additional fees are subject to be added, depending upon the nature of the booting. View Immobilization Policy  

Towing Zones - Certain areas on campus are towing zones. Vehicles parked in these areas will be towed at the owner's expense in cases where they are abandoned, disrupt the normal traffic flow, damage landscape, create a traffic hazard, or are parked in a reserved space.

Reserved Parking - Reserved parking is available to faculty and staff ONLY. The fee for reserved parking is $300 a year and is enforced year round even when classes are not in session Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To obtain a reserved space, contact to the LUPD to request space availability before paying the Business Office. Unauthorized vehicles parked in these spaces will be issued a citation and are subject to being booted or towed at the owner’s expense. These spaces are, also, subject to being used during special events on campus such as homecoming, etc. The space owners will be notified of this in advance and may have to park with the general population during these events. Also, these spaces are subject to relocation due to other circumstances.

Loading or Unloading - Individuals wishing to park in areas other than a designated parking space to load or unload their vehicle must first call the university police department (864-388-8222) to obtain approval. There is a fifteen minute limit for parking in this manner. Under no circumstances are handicapped parking spaces used for loading or unloading vehicles. 

Motorcycles, Mopeds and any other type of Motorized Vehicles (with the exception of motorized wheelchairs) are subject to the same vehicle registration and parking regulations as any other motor vehicle. They are to be parked only in designated parking spaces and are not to be parked inside or adjacent to any buildings (including residence halls), on sidewalks, or on the landscape, and are subject to be impounded by University Police if parked in this manner. These vehicles are not to be driven in any area of the campus other than the roadways and parking lots. They are not to be driven on sidewalks or in any other pedestrian traffic area. They are to park in legal parking spaces and should display a current parking permit. The motorcycle owner, in conjunction with University Police personnel, will determine the appropriate place to display the permit.

Careless Driving - It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle in a careless manner upon the Lander campus. Any person who drives any vehicle in such a manner as to indicate thoughtlessness, inadvertence, indifference and freedom from care, is guilty of careless driving. The maximum legal speed on University property is 15 miles per hour throughout the campus. Note: State Citations may be issued for any violation at officer's discretion. State citations will be paid through the City of Greenwood Municipal Court.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits are available online at All vehicles parked on campus during these times must properly display a current parking permit. To be valid, the permit must be affixed to the vehicle REAR WINDSHIELD on the lower left hand outside corner (driver's side). The permit must be displayed at all times when parked. Students are allowed to purchase one parking permit. Payment for parking permits can be paid on-line or in the Business Office, only. You will need a copy of your vehicle registration in order to complete your order online for a Lander University parking permit. Bearcat Village and McGhee Court parking is enforced 24 hours a day. Also, gate stickers, as well as, regular student parking permits are required on each student's vehicle parked at Bearcat Village. The Housing Office at Bearcat Village will issue the gate stickers and there is no cost for the initial sticker.

Resident Students ONLY: Students living at the Brookside, Centennial Hall, Chipley Hall, Lide Apartments, New Hall, Thomason, University Place, & Williamston must park at their assigned residence halls from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m., resident students may park in other parking lots on campus. Students at Bearcat Village and McGhee Court must follow commuter student parking regulations when parked on the main campus.

Commuter Students ONLY: Commuter Students must park in faculty/staff/commuter lots and the rear of the Centennial Hall parking lot. Commuter students have the option of selecting a free parking pass allowing free parking at two perimeter lots: the gravel lot on Barksdale St., beside Centennial Hall; and the gravel lot on Merriman Ave., across from LUPD.

Students rates for parking permits:

  • Parking permits - $120
  • Summer Session only - $15
  • Replacement permits - $10 each

It is a violation of this policy for anyone to obtain additional parking permits and transfer them to persons outside of their immediate family. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be subject to a fine of $25.

Temporary Parking Permits, Guest Parking Permits and Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits are available free of charge at the university police department twenty-four hours a day for students and others using vehicles not registered on campus. You must present a copy of the vehicle registration in order to obtain any of the parking permits listed above. Temporary parking permits are available ONLY to students who have purchased a current parking permit. Temporary and handicapped permits are issued for a maximum of two weeks. To obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit for longer than two weeks, a signed statement from a physician must be submitted to the university police department. These permits are valid only on Lander campus. All temporary handicapped parking permits must be renewed annually, including a physician's new statement dated within thirty days of the renewal application.


Students and faculty/staff members are held responsible for any citations issued to the vehicle regardless of who may have been actually operating the vehicle at the time of the citation. Also, students & faculty/staff members who drive a vehicle on campus which is not registered to them, are responsible for citations issued to that vehicle.

Fines for parking violations on Lander campus are as follows:

  • Parking in a Handicapped Space - $100
  • Parking in a Fire Lane - $50
  • Parking in a Service & Delivery Space - $35
  • Parking in a Visitors' Space - $35
  • Parking in a Reserved Space - $75
  • Parking in a Yellow Zone/Improper Parking - $25
  • Exceeding 15-minute Parking Space Time Limit - $35
  • No Parking Permit - $25
  • Failure to Display Parking Permit - $10
  • Fraudulent Use of a Parking Permit - $25
  • Zone Parking Violation - $25
  • Careless Driving - $50
  • Failure to Remove Invalid Parking Permit - $10
  • Fall Boot Admin Fee - $120
  • Spring Boot Admin Fee - $60
  • Boot Maintenance Fee - $250

All citation payments must be submitted online to All unpaid citations will create a hold on Lander accounts until they are paid. All paid citations may take two (2) business days to be processed.

*If you encounter any issues with submitted a payment or an appeal online, please call (864) 388-8222 or come to the LUPD immediately located at 302 Hampton Ave. Greenwood, S.C., 29649.

Appeals of parking citations and towing charges may be made to the traffic committee within five (5) business days of the citation whenever one feels that he/she has been improperly charged. All citations are emailed to the email account that was entered during the process of ordering the permit. The citation email notification will come from and a citation will be left on your vehicle. Appeals can be submitted immediately after your have received an email notification online. The person submitting the appeal will be advised the results of the appeal by email. Arrangements for a personal appeal to the traffic committee are also made through the University Police Department. Handicap and Reserve violations are not eligible to be appealed. All Traffic Committee decisions are final.


For questions about parking, please email