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Lander University is concerned with the health and well being of our students and offers professional counseling services on campus as well as referral to off campus resources.


Procedure for Handling a Student Situation

When a student seems to urgently require intervention because of erratic or unusual behavior or the sharing of a sensitive situation and if based upon your direct contact with the student, you feel that professional intervention is urgent, you may choose several options.

  • If the situation is a non-emergency one occurring during normal office hours (Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm & Friday 8:00am - 1:30pm) strongly encourage the student to call Counseling Services at 388-8288. The student should ask to speak to a counselor or to the Administrative Assistant in order to make an appointment to see a counselor.
  • If the student is reluctant to take this step, offer to call Counseling Services on the students behalf and either make an appointment for the student or put the student on the phone.
  • Walk the student to Counseling Services located in Genesis Hall. The student may be seen immediately by a counselor or an appointment will be made.

Faculty members may choose to motivate the student to follow through with Counseling Services by offering to allow an absence or missed class work to be made up.

Tips for Recognizing Distressed Students

  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Excessive absences and tardiness
  • Change in personal hygiene
  • Expressed suicidal thoughts
  • Threats to others
  • Excessive weight gain or loss
  • Frequent or high levels of irritability, unruly, abrasive, or aggressive behavior
  • Students who appear nervous, tense, or fearful
  • Unusual or changed pattern of interaction
  • Avoiding participation
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Depressed or lethargic mood
  • Hyperactivity or very rapid speech
  • Swollen or red eyes
  • Strange or bizarre behavior indicating loss of contact with reality
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

Emergency Situations

If the situation is an emergency, call

  • 8911 from an from an on-campus phone
  • 864-388-8222 from an off-campus phone or cellular phone

Examples of behavior warranting an emergency call:

  • Violent behavior
  • Threats verbal or written directed at faculty, staff, or other students
  • Displaying a weapon
  • Abusive or aggressive language or behavior