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Emergency Procedures

The best way to handle an emergency situation is to be prepared. Whether it's knowing what to do in a medical emergency or where to go in the event of severe weather, knowledge is power.


Active Shooter

How would you defend yourself against an active shooter? LUPD shares the Avoid, Deny, and Defend method.


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Bomb Threat

Know what to do in the event of a bomb threat or if you find a suspicious package.


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Evacuation Procedures

In the event of a fire, fire alarm, or notice to evacuate, students and employees are asked to assemble in the designated areas for their building. During evacuation employees and students should locate the closest safe exit and leave in an orderly fashion and proceed to the assembly area. 


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In the event that an explosion or downed aircraft occur on campus, know what to do to keep yourself safe.


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Fire Procedures

In the event that you discover a fire or smell smoke, you should immediately activate the fire alarm system to alert the occupants of the building of the situation.


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Hazardous Material Spill

Any spillage or release of a hazardous chemical is to be reported immediately to University Police.


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Medical Emergency

In the event that you or a colleague experiences a medical emergency, dial 911 from a cellular phone or 8911 from a campus phone immediately.


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Severe Weather Information

All members of the Lander University campus should be familiar with the types of weather conditions that are possible in our region of the country and the proper procedures for seeking shelter during severe weather activity.


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Utility Failure

Report a minor utility failure on campus to the Physical Plant and potentially dangerous failures to University Police.


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