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All employees are required to keep their work areas free from fire hazards. Employees should familiarize themselves with the buildings that they work in and note the locations of exits, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm pull stations. Employees should be familiar with multiple exits. Exits will be marked with illuminated Exit signs or labels on doors. Unless otherwise notified, never assume that a fire alarm sounding is a false alarm. Greenwood Fire Department and Lander University regulations require evacuation of a building when the fire alarm sounds.

In the event that you discover a fire or smell smoke you should immediately activate the fire alarm system to alert the occupants of the building of the situation. Employees should cease all operations and exit in an orderly fashion. Employees should assemble at the designated assembly area for each building. Special attention should be given to individuals with disabilities in assisting them with relocating to an area of refuge. All administrative and housing buildings on the Lander campus are equipped with automatic smoke detectors. In the event that a fire alarm system activates please begin evacuation efforts. University fire alarms have a combination of voice, tone and light warning signals to alert occupants of the fire alarm. In the event of a fire alarm employees are asked to leave doors unlocked when leaving. This will assist the fire department in their efforts to locate and extinguish the fire.

Fire extinguishers are distributed throughout all buildings on campus. To access a fire extinguisher cabinet simply pull on the handle to open. Do not use fire extinguishers unless the fire is approximately the size of a waste basket and you feel confident in your ability to use the extinguisher. Employees should always keep themselves between the fire and an exit. To use the fire extinguisher simply use the PASS method.

P - Pull the pin
A - Aim the nozzle
S - Squeeze the handle
S - Sweep at the base of the fire

Greenwood Fire Department and Lander University officials will make a determination on when it is safe to reenter a building. Please heed all instructions from Lander Administration, Fire Department officials, or University Police Officers.

Remember these guidelines if a fire alarm sounds:

  1. Do not panic. In an orderly manner, walk to the nearest FIRE EXIT and go to the evacuation assembly area.

  2. Know at least two ways out of the area you are in.

  3. If you are not on the ground floor, head for the nearest stairwell.

  4. Never use an elevator during an emergency.

  5. Assist handicapped or the injured to an area of refuge.

  6. Do not block the driveway or try to leave in your car. The Fire Department will be arriving within minutes and will need a clear path to the building.

  7. Gather with employees in your group, so it is easier to determine whether anyone is missing.

  8. Wait for instructions from University Police, the Fire Department or a member of campus administration about when it is safe to re-enter the building.

NOTE: If you become trapped in a building during a fire immediately notify University Police or see if a window is available. Place an article of clothing (shirt, coat, etc.) outside the window as a marker for rescue crews. If there is no window, stay near the floor where the air will be less toxic. Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency crews of your location. DO NOT PANIC.


R - Report the fire immediately.
A - Activate the building fire alarm.
C - Contain by closing all doors to confine the fire and reduce oxygen.
E - Extinguish by knowing the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them.