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Students are expected to have their Lander ID cards with them at all times.

Each student is issued an identification card (ID card) during their scheduled orientation session, which is used throughout his or her time at Lander University. With the Lander ID card, the student has access to campus library privileges, athletic events, social events, student health services, and other university functions or services. Students are expected to show their Lander ID card upon request to faculty, staff or administration.

The Lander ID card is non-transferable. Any student transferring or tampering with his or her ID card is subject to disciplinary actions, which could include suspension from Lander University. Tampering with an ID card includes changing any information on the card.

The first Lander ID card is free of charge. If the ID card is lost or stolen, the student must pay a $15 replacement fee and get a new ID card. Nursing ID cards are $6. Students must pay the Business Office online. All ID cards will be available for pick up at Lander University Police Department located at 302 Hampton Avenue, Greenwood, S.C., 29649. Please be mindful that once the payment for nursing and replacement ID cards are submitted, your request will be processed by the LUPD immediately Monday - Friday from 8:15 AM - 3:45 PM. Please contact the LUPD if you have any questions, at 864-388-8222 or send an email to You may also contact us to make alternate arrangements for an ID card pickup after normal hours of operation. You are also welcome to come visit us. The LUPD is always open and never closed. Please contact the LUPD if you have any questions, at 864-388-8222 or send an email to

* Important: Please remember to bring your valid government issued photo identification card to obtain your new Lander University ID card. (Examples: U.S. Driver's License issued by DMV, Security/U.S. Green Card, Passport book, or U.S. Military ID Card).


Students: All commuters and on campus students who are new to Lander should attend their scheduled orientation to be issued their student ID cards.  You may come the LUPD to request an ID card if you were not able to attend your scheduled orientation session.

Lander Employees: All new full-time faculty/staff will be given information during their New Hire Orientation with the Process of how to obtain an ID card. 

All part-time Employees will receive email instructions via Lander’s Human Resources with point of contact at the LUPD. 

Volunteers are not eligible for a Lander ID card



Lander’s ID Card Photo Submission Policy

Lander’s ID Card Photo App can be utilized by faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and online students who reside 65 miles/more outside of Greenwood, S.C. and do not frequent campus often must send an email to from your Lander email account to request your Lander ID Card to be processed. You will be notified if your photo has been approved and additional information will be requested.