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Procurement Services

Agency Certification 

An agency of the State may make direct procurements above $50,000 only if they are certified to do so by the Materials Management Office in accordance with provisions of the Procurement Code. The Materials Management Office shall conduct a thorough review of the agency's internal procurement procedures for all areas of procurement designated by the code. Subject to the findings of that review, the Materials Management Office may authorize the agency to make direct procurements up to an assigned dollar limit for certain commodities and services. All certified procurements shall be subject to the appropriate provisions of the code and regulations, especially regarding competitive procurement methods, non-restrictive specifications, and audit requirements and findings.

Procurement audits by the State evaluate our internal control to adhere to the Staet Procurement Code which determines our level of certification. Lander's current certification is $200,000. The responsibility for internal control falls on Procurement Services.

Current Certification


Unauthorized Procurement

An unauthorized procurement is an act obligating Lander University in a contract or procurement by any person not authorized to do so in accordance with Lander University procurement polices and procedures.

In accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code Section 11-35-540 and Procurement Regulation 19-445.2015, an unauthorized procurement must be ratified by the President of Lander University before a purchase order can be issued and payment made.  The department in violation submits a requisition and a detailed determination to the Director of Procurement stating the facts and circumstances surrounding this act.  The Director of Procurement prepares a detailed explanation stating the corrective action taken to prevent recurrence, documentation that the price paid is fair and reasonable, and routes it through appropriate channels to include the VP for Business and Administration and finally to the President of Lander University for approval.  Once the president has reviewed and ratified this unauthorized procurement, the PO is created and a payment can be processed to the vendor.


Purchasing Card Program 

For purchases under $2,500, most vendors will accept the State VISA Purchasing Card (see Purchasing Card Manual and Policy). All other purchases require a Requisition Form.


Please participate in our recycling program for ink jet and laser toner cartridges (DOC).



Purchasing Links

South Carolina Budget and Control Board's Materials Management Office and Information Technology Management Office both have many statewide term contracts for goods and services; please use these links to save money and time:

Card Statements

Spending transparency is essential to sound government.

When spending is done in the open, public officials are usually more accountable, because they know their actions will be subject to public scrutiny. Besides, citizens have a right to know where their hard-earned tax dollars are going.

In March 2008, S.C. Comptroller Richard Eckstrom unveiled the state's first spending transparency website. The goal is to shine a light on spending, thus improving the quality of government and giving taxpayers click-of-a-mouse access to details about how their money is spent.

View Lander University's Transparency Statements

Other Savings Links

Lander University realizes that small business is the backbone of South Carolina's economy. We support the efforts of OSMBA by encouraging certification of our small and minority vendors (see benefit details). Our Current OSMBA Utilization Plan

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