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As a public institution in the State of South Carolina, Lander University is committed to transparency and being good stewards of the funds it receives through accountability to our students, citizens, sponsors, donors and alumni.

Lander provides a monthly Transparency Report of all expenditure transactions containing the date, identification number, description, fund type, department, program, category and amount. Transparency Reports will be posted on the 15th day of the month after the month being reported. Procurement card transactions are available on South Carolina's Comptroller General Monthly Charge Card Usage website.

Transparency Reports are available below in PDF Format. In order to view and search these reports Adobe Reader© is required.


Transparency Reports 

Transparency Report Key

Posting Period = Based on Fiscal Year.

  • 01 = July
  • 02 = August
  • 03 = September
  • etc.

Date = The date the transaction was posted.

ID Number = The University's voucher number. Beginning with:

  • I = Invoice Number
  • J = Journal Entry Number
  • PP = Postage Number
  • QQ = Printing Number
  • JS = Mass Journal Entry
  • F = Feed Document from another Finance Module
  • BC = Bus Charge
  • CC = Credit Card

Description = Vendor receiving payment or description of transaction.

Fund Type = The University's funding source from which the item was purchased.

Department = The name of the Department that incurred the expenditure.

Program = A program is a functional expense classification as defined by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

Category = A general description of the type of expenditure. An account or object code.

Amount = The actual cost of the expenditure.