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The Faculty Senate shall formulate policy on behalf of the faculty and shall serve as an advisory body to the President of the University. It shall have primary responsibility for recommending policy in matters of curriculum; subject matter and methods of instruction; tenure and promotion; academic freedom and due process; and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process. It may consider all matters of University concern. Any member of the University community may bring a matter of University concern to the attention of the Senate.

The Faculty Senate shall be composed of Senators representing the voting faculty of Lander University. Each spring the voting faculty shall nominate and elect Faculty Senators to take office on the first day following the end of the spring semester during which the election is held. The term of office for each member of the Faculty Senate shall be three years. A Chair, Chair-elect, and Secretary shall be elected from among and by the Senators to serve for a term of one year.


Faculty Senate Officers 2023-2024

Chair: Emily Prince

Chair-elect: Sandy Singletary

Secretary: Elyse Donaubauer

>> 2023-2024 Faculty Senate

>> Faculty Handbook