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Volunteers are an integral part of Lander University's educational mission. They are dedicated to Lander's role as an academic institution devoted to teaching and learning and providing a challenging education for qualified students.

Through community service, students gain real-world experience and practice important habits like leadership, problem-solving, and time management. Volunteering offers students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to practical scenarios that have real implications.



Every effort is made to match the interests, background and experience of Volunteers with the university's needs. Volunteers should be familiar with Lander's history, mission, academic programs and cultural activities.

Volunteers will perform a variety of administrative duties that are important to the university's operation, and assist with planning and implementing programs such as special events and cultural and athletic activities when needed.


Lander encourages and welcomes candidates of diverse backgrounds, ages and experience. Qualifications include:

  • an interest in working in an academic environment
  • enthusiasm for meeting and talking with people
  • strong communication and listening skills
  • commitment to Lander's mission
  • an agreement to function within the university's rules and regulations, and to work in harmony with administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Volunteers must feel a sense of accountability to Lander and their fellow volunteers as a group. They are expected to be well suited for their assignments, dependable and punctual.

Apply to become a Volunteer

Those interested in becoming a volunteer must fill out an application. Applicants will be screened and accepted based on their previous employment history, special skills or training, volunteer experience and availability to accept assignments on campus. Volunteers are under the direct supervision of the department head in the areas where they are assigned.

Candidates must agree to submit to a criminal background check, the cost of which is paid by the university.

Volunteers must be mindful of confidentiality requirements when working in areas that handle student records and other sensitive information.

Volunteers are expected to observe the rules and regulations of the university and respect all visitors regardless of their sex, age, race, national origin or physical disabilities.