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The Lander Foundation

Since its birth in 1948, The Lander Foundation has played a major role in the life of Lander University. For 25 years, The Foundation was the policy-making board of the University. When Lander moved from private to state support in 1973, The Lander Foundation was reorganized into an independent, non-profit organization operating solely to support Lander.


Purpose of The Foundation

Incorporated as a non-profit, 501c(3) organization under the laws of South Carolina, The Lander Foundation receives, manages, and invests gifts for the welfare of the University. The Foundation concentrates its work in two major areas:

  • Scholarships
  • Faculty/Staff Development and Research

The Foundation also responds to special needs and requests of the University.

Board Members


President Vice President Secretary Treasurer


Steve Wohlwend '81


Steve Bolton '69


Terrell Turner '07


Joe Greenthal*




Lorraine Angelino '05 



Warren Bacote '89



Holly Bracknell



Chris Cabri '93


Richard Cosentino*


 John E. Craig

John Craig


Clay Dorn '87


Katherine Finkbeiner 


F.R. "Rick" Flowe '82



Robyn Hoffman*


LaShaye Hutchinson '96*


Theo Lane 


Stephan Moyon '92


Emmett Murray '80


Sandy Singletary*


Adam Taylor*



Brittany Tims*



Tim Wedemyer '81






 *Non-voting Board Members


  • President: Steve Wohlwend '81
  • Vice President: Steve Bolton '69
  • Treasurer: Joe Greenthal*
  • Secretary: Terrell Turner '07
The Executive Committee meets quarterly to conduct the business of The Foundation. This committee has all of the powers of the board except the power to do anything that is inconsistent with board policy or with actions taken by the board. Any member of the Executive Committee who is also a paid employee of Lander University serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. Members of this committee include the four officers of The Lander Foundation (chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer), the Executive Director of the Foundation, the president of Lander University, and the chairs of each committee.
  • President: Steve Wohlwend '81
  • Vice President: Steve Bolton '69
  • Treasurer: Joe Greenthal*
  • Secretary: Terrell Turner '07
  • Recording Secretary: Brittany Tims*
  • Executive Director: Robyn Hoffman*
  • Richard Cosentino,* Member of Executive Committee by virtue of office as President of Lander University
  • Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee: John Craig
  • Chair of Investment Committee: Rick Flowe
  • Chair of Governance Committee: Steve Wohlwend


*Non-voting Board Members

  • John Craig, Chair
  • Steve Wohlwend
  • Stephan Moyon
  • Chris Cabri
  • Emmett Murray
  • Terrell Turner
  • Steve Bolton
  • Rick Flowe
  • Tim Wedemyer
  • Holly Bracknell
  • Robyn Hoffman*
  • Craig Glanton*
  • Joe Greenthal*


*Non-voting Board Members

  • Rick Flowe, Chair
  • John Craig
  • Warren Bacote
  • Chris Cabri
  • Stephan Moyon
  • Emmett Murray
  • Clay Dorn
  • Terrell Turner
  • Steve Wohlwend
  • Kat Finkbeiner
  • Steve Bolton
  • LaShaye Hutchinson
  • Lorraine Angelino
  • Holly Bracknell
  • Robyn Hoffman*
  • Craig Glanton*
  • Joe Greenthal*


*Non-voting Board Members

  • Steve Wohlwend, Chair
  • Steve Bolton
  • Terrell Turner
  • Theo Lane
  • Adam Taylor*
  • Robyn Hoffman*


*Non-voting Board Members


Opportunities abound for benefactors to leave a legacy of caring and commitment to the students who will expand and enrich the empires of their minds. Find out how you can support the future of Lander University through The Lander Foundation.


Learn About Giving


Foundation Scholarships

The Lander Foundation has a wide range of scholarship opportunities available for students, with award criteria based on a variety of factors, including academic merit, leadership, field of study, place of residence, extracurricular interests, and financial need.