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The Lander Alert System has been adopted by Lander University in order to quickly notify students, faculty, and staff via SMS text messaging and email in the event there is an imminent campus emergency. Although this system is optional, all students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to register. By registering you will automatically be sent critical alerts, notifying you of dangerous incidents of a threatening nature. You may also opt in for other alerts.


Why Sign Up?

  • Timely notification about emergencies on campus including weather related closings
  • Instructions for what to do during an emergency situation for your own personal safety
  • Convenience of receiving electronic notification
  • Sign Up Now through the MyLander Campus Portal!

Please Register - it only takes a minute! To sign-up for the Lander Alert System, simply log into the MyLander Campus Portal. Once logged into MyLander, follow the Sign Up Now link located in the Lander Alert channel box on the home tab.

If you have trouble signing up for Lander Alert, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 864-388-8234.

Please note - Lander does not charge to use this service; however, depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages. Also, students may enter a mobile phone number and/or email address for a parent so they receive the same Lander Alert message as the student in the event of an emergency .



Lander Alert is a notification system that allows Lander administrators to send time-sensitive messages to mobile phones and emails. In the event of an emergency, subscribers can get notified immediately of the situation.
You may make changes or delete your account at any time. Please log into your account for Lander Alert by clicking on the 'Manage Existing Account' link. Click on the 'Services' tab. Click on the 'Change Status' or 'Delete' buttons to make changes to your account.
Maybe. Depending on your wireless carrier provider and the plan you have, you may be charged a nominal fee to receive SMS text messages. Many students have unlimited text messaging plans, so there would be no additional charge.
Yes. You can change your account settings to add different email addresses or phone numbers. Simply log into your Lander Alert account to make the desired preferences changes.
Log into your Lander Alert account and verify your phone number and carrier. Check to make sure that you entered your correct phone number including the area code. Make sure you selected the correct cell phone carrier.
Subscribers may register a second mobile phone number and/or email address so that a parent/guardian or spouse/significant other can receive the same message as the student. Each subscriber is allowed up to two mobile phone numbers and two email addresses per account.