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Lander University Police officers are sworn and certified officers with comprehensive arrest powers in the State of South Carolina. These officers have graduated from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and are tasked with law enforcement activities including patrolling campus and monitoring activity, responding to calls for service, and investigating criminal activity.

University Police officers are appointed state constables by the Governor of South Carolina and are fully certified police officers with statewide authority.  University Police officers have the authority to enforce all applicable Federal laws, State laws, Greenwood county and Greenwood city ordinances, and University regulations.

Officers work closely with the Greenwood Sheriff Department and the Greenwood Police Department, and the local contingent of the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), to handle any incidents which may occur on or off campus.

The University Police Department and the Division of Student Affairs ensure that safety and security policies and procedures are uniformly executed and conveyed in a clear and consistent manner to the student body.

Officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day by motor vehicle, bicycle, golf cart, and on foot. Officers are in radio communication with each other and the Department.

The Communications Center is manned 24 hours a day, every day. The Communications Center is responsible for taking telephone requests for service, dispatching officers, and monitoring alarm and video systems. All personnel may be reached at the University Police Department by calling 388-8222 (non-emergencies), or 8-911 (emergencies). You can also come by our office in the Lander University Police Department (302 Hampton Avenue, formerly the Lander Foundation & Alumni Center).

The on campus emergency phone number is 8911. This number directly connects any campus phone with the University Police Department and should be used when fire, police, or medical response is required. This number is published in the University telephone directory and in the Student Handbook. In addition, outdoor emergency call boxes provide one-button instant communication with the University Police Department and are located around campus.