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Awareness & Security

College students cannot become complacent under the impression that their campuses are safe havens from our society’s crime. Crime can occur on campus and against students in the community around campus.

With the information here, we hope to remind you that the most important element in your personal safety is your own consciousness of potential dangers.  With your help, our campus can remain safer than the world at large.


Alcohol/Drug Policy

Lander University prohibits the unlawful use, possession, sale or distribution of alcohol and illegal drugs on the campus and property of Lander University, or during any function specifically sponsored by the university.


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Preventing Assault

The same good sense that can help keep your property secure can also help keep you safe. Remember that just being on campus is not sufficient protection for preventing assault—don’t put yourself in a victim’s position. 


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Sex Offenders

Information on all registered adult sex offenders (age 17 and over) is provided through the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry and the National Sex Offender's Public Registry.


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Safe Spring Break (PDF) Tips for safe travels

Winter Weather Walkways - Primary campus walkways to use during winter weather conditions