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In the event of a fire, fire alarm, or notice to evacuate students and employees are asked to assemble in the designated areas for their building. During evacuation employees and students should locate the closest safe exit and leave in an orderly fashion and proceed to the assembly area. Employees are asked to familiarize themselves with their work area and know two exit routes from their work area.


Building Evacuation

All building evacuations will occur when an alarm sounds and/or upon notification by University Police or Building Coordinator.

When the building evacuation alarm is activated during an emergency, leave by the nearest safe exit and alert others to do the same. Assist the Disabled in exiting the building.

Once outside proceed to the assembly point away from the effected building. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant area and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. Know the designated assembly points. Do not return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by authorized persons.

Note: After any evacuation report to your designated assembly point, remain at the assembly point until you are instructed otherwise by University Police or University Officials.

Campus Evacuation

Evacuation of all or part of the campus grounds will be determined by University Administration.

All persons (students, administrators, faculty and staff) are to vacate the site in question immediately and relocate to another part of the campus grounds as directed.

After any evacuation, report to your designated assembly point. Remain at the assembly point until you are instructed otherwise. Campus officials such as University Police, University Administration, Lander University Emergency Response Team Members, Local Law Enforcement Officers, or City of Greenwood Fire Department members will instruct you in where to go.

Evacuation Areas

Corner of Willson St and Crews St. or courtyard area between Academic Success Center and the Art Annex
The School of Nursing will gather in the Learning Center Courtyard.
Assembly Plaza, Barrett Hall Lawn towards Chipley Hall (Please do not assemble in the Visitor's Parking Lot, the Fire Department will utilize this area to set up their operations. If you exit from this side of the building please make your way to one of the designated assembly areas.)
Bookstore, Johnston Commons goes to Assembly Plaza.
Dining Hall will evacuate to lawn in front of Cafeteria.
Student Affairs employees will relocate at direction of coordinator.
Courtyard at the North end of the building towards the New Residence Hall
Plaza areas either in front of the building or between the library and outdoor pool area
Courtyard at the North end of the building.