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Brookside consists of seven buildings in a rustic setting near the athletic facilities.

Each building has cable TV in the lobby, and accommodates 40 students. Two students are assigned to a room; two rooms share a bathroom, forming a suite. Each building houses either male or female students. A washer and dryer facility is located on the first floor of each building.



Room & Board

Building 1

$2,900 Room
$2,200 Meal Plan

$5,100 Per Semester

$10,950 commitment for the academic year (2022-2023)

Buildings 2-7

$2,500 Room
$2,200 Meal Plan

$4,700 Per Semester

$10,550 commitment for the academic year (2022-2023)

Rates are subject to change.
Estimated Room & Board does not include Tuition or Course Fees.


  • Freshmen and Upperclassmen

  • Male and Female

  • Meal Plan is required

Features & Amenities

  • Bedroom A: 15'2" x 11'3" x 11'4"

  • Bedroom B: 13'2" x 11'6" x 13'3"

  • Window: 40"W x 70"H

  • Type: Suite

  • Number of students per bedroom: 2

  • Number of suitemates: 2

  • Number of bathrooms per unit: 1

  • Laundry facility

  • One sink

  • Two beds

  • Two desks

  • Two chairs

  • Two chests of drawers

  • One closet

  • Window blinds

Floor Plans



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