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Health, Safety & Accessibility

Lander University makes every effort to provide a safe and secure living environment for our resident students, as well as the entire university community. Law enforcement patrols campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Professional staff and resident assistants live in each residential hall. Desk monitors, security systems and emergency phones are placed throughout campus. Residential doors are locked at all times - accessible only with a university issued key card to the assigned occupant.

While we work to provide a safe environment, it is crucial that students remain alert and help keep themselves safe by following the safety tips below.

  1. Never lend your room key to someone else
  2. Always keep your room and car doors locked when you are not occupying them.
  3. Keep valuables, debit and credit cards out-of-plain-sight
  4. Do not keep large amounts of money in your room
  5. Don't allow strangers or unescorted visitors into the residential building
  6. Be aware of your surroundings
  7. Report any suspicious person(s) or activity to LUPD by calling 864-388-8222.


Lander Alert

Sign up to receive instant text messages and email notifications alerting you of emergency situations or dangerous incidents on campus. Visit the Lander Alert page for more information on how to register.

Health & Safety Inspections

The Office of Housing conducts safety inspections at least once each semester. You will be notified of inspection dates via the housing newsletter "The Cat Cave", and by email at the beginning of the month. RAs will post the specific date and time of inspections in their area at least 24-hours before the inspection.

Fire Alarms & Safety Equipment

Residential buildings are secured with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs and posted information to keep you safe. Those who tamper with or trigger false fire alarms may be fined $250 and subject to criminal charges, evicted from housing and/or suspended for expelled from the university.

Fire Drills

Anytime the fire alarm is sounded, students are required to leave the building immediately and congregate in the designated area until officials give the "all clear" to go back in the building. Do not use the elevators. Failure to evacuate the building may result in a $50 fine or disciplinary action. Fire drills are conducted each semester in every residential building. Contact the University Safety Director by calling (864) 388-8009.

Evacuation Areas:

  • Bearcat Village - Evacuate & gather in the parking lot directly in front of buildings G and H.
  • Brookside - Evacuate & gather in the dumpster area. Do not gather in the road around Brookside or Thomason.
  • Centennial Hall - Evacuate through nearest exit & gather in the back parking lot near Facilities.
  • Chipley Hall - Evacuate & gather in the grassy area near the Science building.
  • Lide Apartments - Evacuate & gather in the in the parking lot adjacent to Willson Street (across from Horne Arena at Buildings 3 and 4).
  • McGhee Court - Evacuate & gather in the grassy area directly across from McGhee Avenue (opposite the entrance).
  • New Hall - Evacuate & gather on the lawn in front of the building - away from sidewalks & walkways.
  • Thomason Cottages - Evacuate & gather in the grassy area on the hill across from building E.
  • University Place - Evacuate & gather on the sidewalk in front of the Office of Human Resources.
  • Williamston - Evacuate & gather on the grassy area across from buildings 1, 2, 3.

Hazardous Weather​

The university makes every effort to notify residents of hazardous weather, but students should also refer to local media, radio, television or websites to stay abreast of current weather conditions.

  • Tornado Watch - Stay Alert
    Be alert for changing conditions if a Tornado Watch has been issued. This means that conditions are right for a funnel cloud to develop, but one has not been spotted.
  • Tornado Warning - Seek Shelter immediately
    ​Take shelter immediately if there is a Tornado Warning, which is when a funnel cloud has been spotted in your area.
    • Bearcat Village - Go to a room on the 1st floor - seek shelter inside a bathroom or closet.
    • Brookside - Go to a room on the bottom floor - seek shelter at the base of the central stairwell and laundry room. Close all doors and stay away from glass.
    • Centennial Hall - Seek shelter in a bathroom or living room area. Close the doors to the bedrooms.
    • Chipley Hall - Go to the 1st floor hallways. Close all doors and assume the crouched, covered position.
    • Lide Apartments - Go to the rooms on the 1st floor - seek shelter in a bathroom or closet.
    • McGhee Court - Sheet shelter in a bathroom or closet. Close all doors.
    • New Hall - Go to the interior hallways. Close all doors. Stay away from glass. Assume the crouched, covered position.
    • Thomason Cottages - Seek shelter in the bathroom. Close all doors leading to the bathroom.
    • University Place - Go to the 1st floor - seek shelter in a bathroom or closet.
    • Williamston - Go to the 1st floor - seek shelter in a bathroom. Close all doors leading to the bathroom.