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University Fees

Basic expenses include an activities fee to cover the Student Government Association programs, intramural programs, and admission to athletic events. Basic expenses for a residential student cover university fees, room and board, and health service. Students living in the residence halls are required to participate in a meal plan. Please refer to the housing contract terms for detailed information regarding the meal plan. Special diets must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Description of University Fees


Fees vary by semester:

*All fees are subject to change.


Dual Enrollment Tuition & Fees

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: Dual Enrollment students can take up to 6 credit hours (usually equivalent to two classes) without being charged tuition, but are responsible for any course fees that may apply.
  • Excess Credit Hours: If a Dual Enrollment student takes more than 6 credit hours in the fall or spring semester, they are charged $100 per credit hour for each additional credit beyond the initial 6. This means that the first 6 credits are essentially free, and any credits above that are subject to the $100 per credit hour charge.
  • Summer Classes: Dual Enrollment students are charged $100 per credit hour for all summer courses, regardless of how many credits they take plus any applicable course fees.