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Paying Your Bill

Learn about your payment options and mark your calendar with important payment deadlines.


Accepting & Validating Charges

To view your student charges, go to MyLander and sign in. Choose Account Summary for Selected Term and enter Spring II 2024 semester under Student Highlights. Press the SUBMIT button to access your Spring II 2024 charges.

Charges must be paid in full by March 1, 2024


Student bills are available exclusively online through the MyLander portal. Students can log in using their username and password. Authorized users can also access the student bill using their unique username and password. The online bill reflects the student's current registration and billing information. Because the bill is real-time, students can verify that all fees are satisfied before the payment deadlines.
  • Students may add a parent or other designee as an authorized user via TouchNet. Students can click on the "Authorized users" link via TouchNet, and enter their parent or other designee's email address. An email with login instructions will then be sent to the parent or designee. Authorized users may view the student's tuition bill, make a payment, retrieve 1098-T tax information, or enroll in a payment plan. Authorized users have a unique login.
  • If you cannot access your bill online, please call 864-388-8303 or email us at
  • If your fees change for any reason after your initial payment (i.e., housing adjustment, meal plan addition, change in schedule, etc.), you are responsible for promptly paying the balance. You must log in to MyLander to view your current charges and payment status.
  • A non-refundable late payment fee may be applied if the bill is not satisfied by the payment due date for fall and spring terms.

The following due dates represent the date that Student Accounts must receive and process payments. If payment is not received by the published due date, a late fee may be assessed, and the student's schedule is subject to cancellation.



All payments must be posted to the student's account by August 14, 2024. If you add a course after the due date, payment must be made immediately.

Unpaid Student Accounts are subject to Class Cancellation.

You can pay online through the MyLander Portal with an eCheck or Credit/Debit Cards.  At this time there are no additional service charge for using credit or debit cards.  A late fee may be applied when payment is made after the due date.

  • Credit card payments may be made through our secure web server.
  • Payments by mail - must include a copy of printed charges from the Bearcat Web with your “L”   number written on the face of the check. All checks are converted into ACH Debits. Checks and money orders can be mailed to: (be sure to include the student ID #)

    Lander University
    Student Accounts
    CPO BOX 6003
    Greenwood, SC 29649

  • Payment Plan is available to students who wish to pay tuition and fees over a five month period. See the terms of the plan here. Payment Plans are available for fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • 529 College Savings Plan:Payments that are submitted by 529 savings plans should be mailed directly to the University at:

    Lander University
    Student Accounts
    CPO BOX 6003
    Greenwood, SC 29649

    Be sure to contact your 529 plan's administrator, as they will provide you with instructions on how to authorize a withdrawal from your 529 College Savings Plan. Keep in mind that processing these payments takes a varying amount of time, depending on the financial institution. Please do not delay requesting funds from your plan to avoid a late fee on your account. If funds are being sent through FedEx and UPS shipments please use the address below:

    Lander University
    Student Accounts
    204 W. Henrietta Ave.
    Greenwood, SC 29649

  • Prepaid Programs
    • SCTPP account owner will need to submit a copy of their South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program (SCTPP) card to Student Accounts (SFS). Once SFS has verified the SCTPP account, a credit will be extended in the "anticipated payment amount" on behalf of your plan administrator. The credit will be itemized on the student bill and include the terminology "SC Prepaid Billing."  Please note: SCTPP will not cover fees that are not assessed to ALL Lander students (i.e., lab fees, library fee, course/major fee and/or optional fees).
    • Other state prepaid plans (not including 529 College Savings Plans)  account owner must contact their plan administrator to begin the process. Once the account owner has completed all required documentation with their plan administrator, the prepaid program will send Lander a third-party billing authorization letter. Based upon how your prepaid program calculates your tuition payment (i.e., per credit hour, restricted, unrestricted), a credit will be extended in the "anticipated payment amount" on behalf of your plan administrator. The credit will be itemized on the student bill. 

A check, eCheck, EFT or credit card used as payment for University expenses that is returned unpaid by the bank creates an indebtedness to the University. Student Accounts administers matters relating to the collection of all returned items for student payments. Student Accounts will represent returned items for payment of academic fees. A $25 fee will be charged for each returned item. If a payment is returned or dishonored for any reason, the student's account may be debited electronically for the amount of the check plus the $25 returned item fee.

If the item is returned to the University in a timely manner with no response from the student or drawer, a written request to disenroll the student will be made to the Registrar. If the request is approved, the percentage of refund will be applied to the debt. If the item is returned after the mid-point of the semester with no response, a decision will be made by the Director of Student Accounts and the Registrar as to the effect of disenrollment. The University may restrict subsequent academic and other fee payments by accepting only certified checks and money orders.

Any individual who uses a two-party check for payment of University expenses will be held responsible for that check if it is returned unpaid by the bank. Items used as payment for various University services (such as meal plans, housing, etc.) that are later returned unpaid by the bank give the University the right to cancel such services and cause forfeiture of any refund.

Any returned items not collected by the above procedures may be turned over to a collection agency. The indebtedness reported to a credit bureau and collection fees will be added to the account. Transcripts and diplomas will be withheld pending payment, and the debt may be deducted from state income tax refunds.

Abuse of check payment privileges may result in the restriction of such privileges for an indefinite period of time-based on the frequency and/or dollar amount, as determined by Student Accounts.

Returned Fees:

  • Returned Checks: A $25 returned check fee will be charged for all returned checks. Returned checks and subsequent fees must be satisfied with a certified check or money order.
  • Returned eChecks: A $25 returned eCheck fee will be charged for all returned eChecks due to non-sufficient funds, stop payment, frozen accounts, and revoked authorizations. eChecks returned for invalid routing and/or account number will create a returned check receivable on the student account and tuition will be considered unpaid.
    The ability to pay via eCheck may be restricted for any student with three or more returned payments or at the discretion of Student Accounts.
  • Credit Card Charge Backs: Any credit card payment disputed, reversed, and returned to the University will be placed on the student's account as a receivable and collected via the above policy and procedures. Returned credit card payments are subject to a $25 returned item fee.

How to Set Up Authorized Users

Only the student can set up authorized users on the account:

  1. Log into the MyLander Portal
  2. Under “Student Highlights” select “Student Payments/Payment Plans/eRefunds/1098Ts”.  Choose the “Authorized Users tab” at the top right of the page.

Please note that Student Accounts staff is NOT able to add or edit authorized user information.

Furthermore, authorized users for billing and payment purposes are not granted access to enrollment records, grades, financial aid information, or other student records. Enrolling in eRefunds is also not permitted.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents Lander from releasing student information to parents or guardians without authorized consent from the student.

By becoming an authorized user on the student account, a parent/guardian/other will be able to:

  • make a payment
  • receive monthly emails about balance due
  • view account balance and payment history
  • view receipts and other useful information
  • view and print 1098-T forms
  • set up a payment plan
  • save payment methods which can only be viewed by the authorized user
  • speak with the Student Accounts Office staff about the student account
See more about FERPA.


Your student account is the place for paying your tuition and fees online. Lander has teamed up with TransferMate to provide a streamlined and secure payment method through your student account that also reduces bank fees and improves your payment experience. With TransferMate, students can pay tuition and fees in their local currency from nearly any country.


What are the benefits?

  • Accurate currency conversions
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Local currency payment methods
  • Faster payment posting to your student account
  • Exceptional customer service


Follow the steps below to make a payment or watch this video for easy instructions.

Step 1
  • Log in to your MyLander Accounts.
  • Under Student Highlights select Student Payments/Payment Plans/eRefunds/1098Ts.
  • Choose Make a Payment; verify the Current Account Balance.
  • In the Payment Method drop-down menu select TransferMate

Step 2
  • If you are paying by bank transfer, you will be emailed the banking instructions. Make your payment to the instructed bank account.
  • If you chose to pay through your preferred e-wallet, follow the instructions presented online.
  • Only send the amount indicated on your student bill.
  • Include your unique Transaction Reference number with the payment.
NOTE: Brazilian, Chinese, South African and Indian students will be required to send supporting documents, which can easily be uploaded.


Step 3
  • Once TransferMate receives your payment, it will be sent to your institution.
  • Your payment will automatically post to your Student Account
  • Confirmation of the posted payment will be emailed to you and the institute.


Lander does not allow overpayments. If you transfer more funds than what is due on the student account, we may return the total or overpayment amount to the originating bank. Students may opt to keep the credit on their student account to cover future charges. Overpayments will not be refunded.



Who can I contact for assistance?
For transaction-specific questions, contact TransferMate via Skype, Live Chat, Email or Phone. Details here. For questions relating to your student payment center, contact Student Accounts at


Will I be charged for using this service?
All international payments made through TransferMate are completely free of charge although you may be charged by your bank for making a local transaction, this is unfortunately out of our control. Domestic transactions are subject to a $20 fee to cover costs.


Why do I need to provide identification?
By law, TransferMate is required to identify the person transferring funds to their bank account. Your identification will ensure that you and your institution are protected against Money Laundering attempts.


How will I know if my payment has been successful?
Once your payment has been received, the pending payment will be removed and the transaction added to the Payment History in your student account center. Additionally, you will receive an email confirming that your payment was successful.


How long does a transaction take?
Once TransferMate has received your payment into the local bank account in your country, TransferMate sends your payment the same day from our account to your institution. These payments are generally received by your institution the same day if payments are received into our local account in your country before 2pm GMT.


When will my payment be posted to my student account?
Your payments will automatically be posted to your student account within 24-48 hours from payment completion.


Where are TransferMate payments shown in my Student Account?
When the student registers the payment it is displayed on the home page as a Pending Alternate Payment Method. Once the payment is made, and funds are confirmed by Transfermate, the student account is updated and it can be seen in the Payment and Account History.


Can my family or other authorized users have access to my Student Account?
Students may set up authorized users to view their billing information and or their student bill on their behalf. Please note that, in accordance with FERPA, this does not allow the authorized user to view the student’s academic records, course schedule, or other personal information. Authorized users may view student account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans.


For more information about making international payments, watch this video for easy instructions or contact Student Accounts at