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Accepting & Validating Charges

Lander University students must confirm their tuition and fees each semester by validating their account through the MyLander portal. The process of validating/confirming tuition and fees helps minimize any disruption to class attendance and provides several benefits:

  1. Accurate Enrollment Data: The process provides accurate and up-to-date information about which students are actively attending Lander University.
  2. Financial Planning: It allows the university to plan and allocate resources based on confirmed enrollment numbers.

Overall, the confirmation process minimizes disruptions, enhances efficiency, and ensures that students and the university are on the same page regarding class attendance and financial obligations.

If you have a zero or credit balance, confirm your account by following the directions below:

  • To confirm your attendance, go to MyLander and sign in with your Lander ID and password. Under Student Highlights select Account Summary for Selected Term. From the drop-down box enter current semester to access your Tuition and Fees. To confirm your charges/class schedule, click the Submit icon at the bottom of the Account Summary page.

If you have an account balance, you will NOT have a submit icon. Your account is validated after paying the balance in full or setting up a payment plan. To make a payment go to MyLander and sign in with your Lander ID and password. Under Student Highlights select Student Payments/Payment Plans/eRefunds/1098Ts. Payment options are at the top of the page.