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The instructions that follow apply only to the first time you use the voice mail system. They assume that you are calling from your own telephone, on-campus. If you have a multi-line telephone, be sure you are using the correct line. You must go through initializing your voice mailbox. Recording your greeting is highly recommended. The recordings of your name and of your personal greeting may be changed whenever you wish.

Check out our Voicemail User Guide (PDF) for additional help.


Initializing Your Voice Mailbox

  1. Access the Messages option ( Press the message button or dial 3000 )
  2. When prompted, enter default password 100
  3. User will be guided through set up of greeting
  4. To finish, change password

Managing Multiple Voice Mail Greetings

  1. Call into Voice Mail
  2. Press # 4 for Set Up Options
  3. Press # 1 for Greetings
  4. Press # 3 to Edit Other Greetings
  5. Press number that corresponds with Greeting you would like to edit
    1. Current Greeting
    2. Closed Greeting
    3. Alternate Greeting
    4. Busy Greeting
    5. Internal Greeting
  6. Press # 1 to record chosen greeting, OR Press # 2 to enable system greeting
  7. Then Press # 3 to turn it on
  8. Then Press # 1 to set an End Date, OR Press # 2 for No End Date
  9. Enter Date Criteria if applicable
  10. You will then be returned to the menu that allows for the greeting to be turned off
  11. Press * to Exit, changes will be saved

Accessing Your Voice Mail

  1. Press Messages Button directly on phone, OR Dial : 3000
  2. Enter ID (your voice mail extension number only if dialing from another extension or phone), press #
  3. Enter password, press #
  4. For Voice Mail Only users ( No IP Phone) or for access from off campus
    1. Dial ????
    2. Enter ID (your voice mail extension number), press #
    3. Enter password, press #