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Current telephone features, and brief descriptions of each are offered below in alphabetical order. We have also prepared detailed instructions for some features. Those instructions will be distributed to interested persons on request.


Accessing an outside line for Local or Long Distance Calls

To place local calls to numbers in the Greenwood calling area, dial 9 to access a local outside line and then dial the seven digit phone number.

To place long distance calls to numbers outside the Greenwood calling area, students will need to utilize 1-800 calling card services for placing long distance calls. For information on special calling card programs designed for Lander University students see Calling Cards (PDF).

Automatic Call-back

If you call an on-campus number and it is busy, your telephone can call you back when the person you are calling hangs-up. You may use this feature for only one call at a time.



  1. When you hear the busy tone, flash the hook switch2.
  2. You will hear three quick beeps followed by a dial tone, dial *5 and hang up.
  3. When the person you are calling hangs up, your phone will ring. When you answer it, the other person's phone will ring.


  1. This feature is automatically cancelled after thirty minutes. You may cancel it sooner by dialing #5.

Call Forwarding, on-campus

You may re-direct all your calls to another on-campus number. Dial *2 and the number you wish to receive your calls. While your calls are being forwarded, you will hear a very brief ring if you have a single line phone. To cancel this feature and again receive your own calls, dial #2.

Data Privacy

If you use a modem to place data calls on your regular telephone line, program your computer to place #1 before the telephone number. This will block out tones that could interfere with your call. This is especially important if you have call waiting. This is not necessary if you have a special line for your modem.

Distinctive Ringing on single line phones

A "single" ring announces on-campus calls; a "double" ring announces off-campus calls; and a "triple" ring is used for automatic call-back.

Emergency Numbers

Lander University Police can be reached at 8911. To reach the Greenwood County emergency dispatcher, you may now dial simply 911.

Three-way Conference Calls

Begin by establishing a call with the first person. Flash the hook switch2, hear three beeps followed by a dial tone. Dial the number of the second person. After they answer, flash the hook switch2 again. All three of you will be on the call. When any of the three hangs up, the remaining two continue to be connected unless they are both off-campus.