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In order to drive a lease vehicle or a vehicle from the Physical Plant motor pool, a driver must meet certain requirements and be cleared by the University Director of Safety. 

Contact Kathy Willis with any question concerning short term vehicle leasing or about vehicles on campus that may be available. You may reach her at 864-388-8098 or via email at

Before you can reserve a vehicle, a Travel Authorization (TA) must be completed. Please turn your completed TA form in to the Business Office. They will assign a TA number and then notify Kathy with the TA information.
**Please be sure to mark either Leased or University Vehicle on your TA. Please type in what type of vehicle you require in Other (ex: luxury car, SUV, cargo van, etc.)**

Kathy will make all arrangements, whether you choose University Vehicle or Leased Vehicle. Kathy will also contact you with availability.
Please put a phone number on your TA where you most likely can be reached.



Lander Vehicles

Cars and Vans

The Physical Plant has 2 vehicles within their motor pool that are available for use. The vehicles are a 2015 Ford 15 Passenger Van and a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria.

  • Crown Vic - $40 per day, plus gas.
  • 15 Passenger Van - $3 per day for a local trip (Greenwood County area only is a local trip)
  • 15 Passenger Van - 53.5 cents per mile for an out of town trip

You will be given a fuel credit card for your use with either a University or Leased Vehicle. Please be sure to fill up the gas tank before returning any vehicle back to campus. To use the fuel card, you will need to enter the number 7 and the last 5 digits of your social security number. You will also be asked what the current mileage is for whichever vehicle you may be using.



The Lander University Athletics Department offers bus rentals to university departments sponsoring events where travel is required. Approvals of such requests are subject to vehicle and driver availability and must be requested 3 weeks in advance. Bus rental availability is also subject to travel requirements for Lander University Athletics.

Please see the Bus Rental Policy (PDF) for rates and details.

Rental Vehicles

The State of South Carolina currently has a State Contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise will deliver your leased vehicle to the Physical Plant and once you return from your trip, they will even pick it up from campus as well.


Size Daily Weekly Monthly Models
Compact $36.50 $164.26 $657.00 Nissan Versa
Intermediate $36.50 $164.26 $657.00 Toyota Corolla
Standard $37.50 $168.76 $675.00 Chevy Malibu
Premium $43.00 $193.51 $774.00 Nissan Maxima
Large Trucks $58.00 $261.02 $1,044.00 Ford F150
Minivan $51.50 $231.77 $927.00 Dodge Caravan
Medium SUV $53.00 $238.52 $954.00 Chevy Trailblazer
15 Passenger Van $72.50 $326.27 $1,305.00 15 Passenger
Large SUV $78.00 $351.02 $1,404.00 Ford Expedition
Cargo Van $52.00 $234.00 $936.00 Cargo Van
  • The chart does not reflect actual charges. Taxes and insurance are not included in the rates.
  • Driver will also have to replace gas before returning vehicle to the physical plant or to Enterprise.
  • Unlimited Mileage is included within the states of SC, NC, GA, FL, AL, MS, KY, TN & VA on Daily and Weekly rates/2500 cap per month $.25 per mile thereafter.
  • Rates include Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Protection.
  • Local sales tax and surcharges will apply to the price of the rental. All rates are subject to change based on usage and annual reviews.

As a State Employee you can also benefit from this State Contract personally. You may now lease vehicles with Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the State Contract rates. For personal leases, you will need to contact Enterprise yourself.