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International Students

Located in Greenwood, South Carolina, the Lander University campus provides international students with a unique perspective on life in the United States. The university delivers a college experience filled with national and international diversity, applied learning opportunities, challenging and rewarding coursework, and a wide spectrum of fun and exciting student activities.

Through the Office of International Programs, students from around the globe can enjoy the American college experience with the direct support of university faculty and staff, and community members.

 The Office of International Programs will be with you every step of the way to ensure your experiences at Lander are tailored to your interests and needs. From the point of application to admission, and through your time as a student and your graduation, our office is uniquely qualified to assist you with our years of experience and the knowledge of our intercultural staff. We stand ready and equipped to help you make a smooth transition into American culture.


How to Apply

Lander University welcomes the applications of qualified students who are not citizens of the United States. Such students may be admitted to Lander under the following regulations in addition to the general admission requirements which all applicants must fulfill:


Exchange Students 

Students who do not wish to earn a degree from Lander, but only wish to study for a shorter term (a semester or one year) will have to submit everything from the degree seeking section except for the SAT/ACT section.


Degree Seeking Students

A degree seeking student is a student that wishes to attend Lander University and remain until all degree requirements are met to obtain a diploma from the university.

Application Requirements


Other Information 

Information for Current International Students

We are glad that you are part of the Lander University family. Please use this website as a tool to stay informed and “in-status” while you are a student at Lander.

Staying “in-status” is critical, and all international students must take responsibility for maintaining their visa status (F-1 or J-1). The information provided here addresses common questions and concerns you may have.


Sister Institutions

Lander University has signed 17 Memorandum of Understanding agreements with the university officials of China, Korea and Thailand. These agreements will enable students from Lander and the other institutions to study on each other’s campuses during fall, spring and summer sessions. If you are a student at one of our sister institutions and are interested in coming to Lander University please contact the International Office at your home school. If you are a current Lander student and you are interested in study abroad opportunities at these institutions, please contact Lander's Office of International Programs. For recent graduates or prospective graduates, teaching opportunities at our sister institutions are available for you as well.


Lander's sister institutions are as follows:


  • Business College of Shanxi, Shanxi
  • Chang’an University, Shanxi
  • Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi
  • Nanfang College of Yat-Sen University, Guangdong
  • Ocean University of China Training Center, Qingdao
  • Qingdao University, Shandong


  • Dongseo University, Busan
  • Incheon National University, Incheon
  • Keimyung University, Daegu
  • Korea National Sport University, Seoul
  • Kyungpook National University, Daegu


  • Naresuan University, Phitsanulok


  • Khujand State University, Khujand
  • Tajik State University of Commerce, Dushanbe


  • University of Fernando Pessoa, Porto

Explore Lander

Currently host to nearly 60 international students from 23 countries, Lander has made international education an essential part of its educational goals by providing American and international students with a well-rounded, all-encompassing learning experience.

Lander accomplishes this in two ways:

  • Bringing international students to our campus for degree programs or short term study sessions
  • Encouraging American students to study abroad through semester or yearlong programs, as well as short-term study sessions, ranging from 2-5 weeks

As a Lander international student, you not only get a glimpse of U.S. culture and a high-quality education; you can also make connections with students from around the world and other students who have traveled abroad to experience cultures outside their own. Additionally, Lander's smaller, rural campus ensures a safe, family-oriented environment in which you can concentrate on your studies without worry.


Contact Us

The staff members in our office are also available to advise, counsel and assist international students in the following areas:

  • Academic questions
  • Banking and legal documents
  • VISA/Immigration questions
  • Medical insurance
  • Campus clubs, organizations and club sports
  • Student life and housing
  • South Carolina Driver's License
  • Study Abroad Opportunities in Asia
  • Employment/Scholarship Opportunities


Jeff Constant
Director of International Students & Scholar Services 
864-388-8896  |  |  Grier Student Center S366