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Non-degree Seeking Students

Opportunities for non-degree and transient students

Do you want to take classes at Lander to transfer back to your home college? Are you a senior citizen or teacher taking a class for personal or professional development? Lander offers options for those who want to enroll in classes, but are not seeking a degree.





Transient Students

Transient students are college students who are currently enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take courses at Lander to transfer back to that institution. These students should seek written approval from a dean or department chairman at their home institution. This coursework approval form/letter is required to enroll in classes at Lander. It allows Lander to override any pre-requisites for the course(s) and also serves as confirmation that the student and course meets the home institution's transfer policies and procedures.


Admissions Checklist
  • Submit an application for admission
  • Submit a signed Coursework Approval Form/Transient permission from the students home institution

Senior Citizens

South Carolina residents at least sixty (60) years of age are permitted to attend one (1) class per semester at Lander on a space-available basis without payment of tuition with the proper documentation. These students must be South Carolina residents. Qualified residents are eligible to register on a space available basis on the first day of classes for each semester or summer session.


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South Carolina Law: Section 59-111-320 of The Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, authorizes state-supported colleges and universities, and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education to permit legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty to attend classes for credit or noncredit purposes on a space available basis without the required payment of tuition, if these persons meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the college, university or institution.

Special Notes: Lander University further stipulates that the "no payment of tuition" opportunity may only be applied for the first attempt of a course. An exception will be given if the qualified resident is a degree-seeking student and repetition of a course is necessary for graduation requirements.

Elementary and Secondary School Teachers

Students who wish to upgrade their certification may apply as a non-degree student. Other than the student's teacher certification number, no other documents or records are required unless the student intends to earn a second undergraduate degree. Credit earned while attending as a non-degree candidate may be used toward a degree only after the student has applied for and been accepted into a degree program.


Admissions Checklist


South Carolina Teachers

The Office of Admissions will verify with the State Department of Education whether the student has a valid South Carolina teaching certificate.

Auditing Courses

Auditing a course consists of attending classes and listening without the responsibility for any course assignments or examinations. No credit is earned by auditing a course and no credit may be earned in an audited course by examination or otherwise. No audited course may be repeated for credit at a later date and students may only audit the same course one time. Students may not audit laboratory or skills courses.

All students who wish to audit, must be admitted to the University and go through the regular registration process in order to be eligible to audit a course. Students seeking admission solely for the purpose of auditing are not required to submit test scores or official transcripts.


Admissions Checklist


Registration Notes for Auditing Courses:

  • Students must present approval from the dean of the college offering the course to the Office of
    the Registrar.
  • Upon presentation of approval, the Office of the Registrar will complete the course registration if all requirements have been met.
  • A student who has registered for a course on an audit basis and who wishes to change the registration to take the course for credit or a student who has registered for a course on a credit basis and who wishes to change the registration to take the course by audit, may do so by notifying the Office of the Registrar by the last day to add a class or register. The change to or from an audit must be requested on an Advising and Registration Card, approved by the instructor and the Department Chair and then submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate deadline.

Special Students

Special students are students who do not intend to earn a degree at Lander University, but are interested in enrolling in college level courses. A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit (approximately 10 courses) may be attempted in this category.


Admissions Checklist


Special student status is not a "trial admission" status or one for candidates who apply too late to submit credentials for consideration for regular admission. Applicants who have been officially denied admission as degree-seeking students are not eligible to apply as special students.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 864-388-8307, 1-888-4LANDER or