Lander University has developed bridge programs with the South Carolina State Technical College system to improve students’ transition from a technical college to Lander University.

students outsideThe Lander University Bridge Program is an opportunity for students who wish to join the Lander community by first attending one of South Carolina’s 16 technical colleges. Bridge students commit to Lander University prior to the start of the fall semester, attend a technical college for one semester, earn a minimum of 12 transferable credit hours, and join Lander the following semester.


How to apply as a Bridge Program Student


Benefits to Participating in the Lander Bridge Program

  • Students who earn a 3.0 during the Bridge semester may earn an additional $1,000 Bridge scholarship
  • Students who earn a minimum 2.8 during the fall semester at a technical college may earn an additional $1,250 housing scholarship, spring-only
  • Receive advising support and resource information from Lander while a student at a technical college
  • Bridge students receive a Lander University Bridge student ID card, which gives students access to:
    • Lander athletic events
    • Fine Arts Lecture Series (FLAS) events (required for graduation from Lander)
    • Lander’s Jackson Library
    • Lander’s Academic Success Center
    • Lander’s PRAXIS Lab (for Education majors)
    • Lander’s Office of Career Services
    • Lander’s Fitness Center, pool, and other on-campus amenities

The Bridge Program at Lander University is an outstanding option in preparing for the rigors of college-level instruction. Lander is committed to building a community for all students of academic support and preparedness. Join Bearcat Nation through the Lander University Bridge Program!


Can Bridge students participate in intramural sports at Lander?

Not at the moment. This topic is currently being discussed.

Can Bridge students attend Lander sporting events?

Yes. Lander welcomes all students to attend sporting events – and tickets are free with your Lander University Bridge Program ID card.

Can I live on campus while in the Bridge Program?

Bridge students are not eligible to live on Lander’s campus until they have been officially accepted into the university.

Can I purchase a meal plan?

Yes. Bridge students who are attending a local technical college can purchase commuter meal plans through Lander University’s Dining Services.

Can I pledge a fraternity or sorority?

Bridge students are not eligible to pledge fraternities or sororities.

Can Bridge students participate in band or choral groups at Lander?

Not at the moment. This topic is currently being discussed.

Will Lander University honor placement test scores from technical colleges?

Only placement tests taken at Lander will be considered.

Will I be eligible for the South Carolina LIFE Scholarship when I transfer to Lander?

Yes, if you (in your freshman year at the technical college) successfully complete 30 semester hours of credit and earn a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA at that college prior to transferring to Lander.

Are Bridge students eligible to use Lander’s athletic facilities, such as the gym, weight room and swimming pools?

Yes. Students must obtain a student identification card through LUPD.  This card will allow students to use on-campus facilities.  Please contact the Office of Admissions before obtaining a student identification card.

Can Bridge students begin earning FALS credits?

Yes. Lander requires every student to attend 15 FALS (Fine Arts Lectureship Series) events before graduation. It is beneficial to begin attending these events before beginning your studies at Lander.

Which school should receive my FAFSA information?

Send your financial aid information to the technical college you plan to attend during your freshman year. After your transition to Lander, you will need to submit the FAFSA information to Lander’s Office of Financial Aid.

Do Bridge students have to take a placement test after transferring to Lander?

Not in most cases. The need for placement testing depends on whether you are transferring to Lander with freshman English, a mathematics course and a foreign language course.

What are the requirements to be accepted into Lander University through the Bridge Program?

Bridge students must successfully complete the requirements set by the technical college they choose to attend prior to enrolling at Lander. Upon successful completion of those requirements, Bridge students are granted full acceptance into Lander University.

Will my courses transfer to Lander?

Yes, in most cases. Lander will provide advisement to guarantee that the courses will transfer to the university and, more importantly, apply directly toward Lander’s degree program requirements. (Developmental courses and courses with grades below a ‘C’ do not transfer).

Technical college advisers and Bridge students have access to the Bridge Advising Guide (PDF).

Will my dual enrollment courses count toward the minimum 12 semester hour requirement to be accepted into Lander?


Will my AP/IB credits count toward the minimum 12 semester hour requirement to be accepted into Lander?

No; however, if the minimum scores are met, students may receive additional college credit.

Can I take courses at Lander?

Bridge students are not eligible to enroll in Lander courses until they have successfully completed the minimum academic requirements for admission to the university