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Students should always complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to see if they may qualify for Title IV grants and loans first. Terms and conditions of Title IV loans may be more favorable than the terms and conditions of private education loans.

However, students who are ineligible to borrow due to failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, who have already met/exceeded their aggregate federal student loan limits, or who need funds in excess to those available to them through federal programs, might be eligible to borrow through alternative loan programs.

The Office of Financial Aid encourages extreme caution when considering additional borrowing. Students are encouraged to explore all other resources before resorting to alternative loans.

All private education loan lenders are required to provide specific disclosures described in the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Title X of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Specifically TILA Section 128(e) discusses disclosures with Applications/Solicitations, Loan Approval and Loan Consummation.

The disclosures will include an application disclosure, an approval disclosure, a final disclosure, a rescission period of up to 7 business days, and receipt of a self certification from students. The Lander University Financial Aid Office will provide students with a Self Certification form if they misplace the document provided by their lender.

These additional requirements will delay the loan disbursements for students until all disclosure documents have been received and processed by the lender and the required numbers of days have elapsed.

The following list of lenders is based on the most recently completed academic year. The lenders are listed in order of loan volume. The lenders listed first are the ones chosen most frequently by Lander students. The list is not exhaustive and Lander students are welcome to borrow from any lender/guarantor.


Lender Creditworthy or creditworthy co-signer In good standing with other loans U.S. Citizen or permanent resident Pursuing a degree, certificate, or license Enrolled at least half-time Satisfactory Academic Progress
Palmetto Assistance Loan (SC Student Loan) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Required
Sallie Mae Student Loans
Yes** Yes Yes** No No Not Required
Discover Private Loan (Discover) Yes** Yes Yes** Yes Yes Required
Citizens One
Student Loan
Yes** Yes Yes** Yes Yes Not Required
Student Loan
Yes** Yes Yes** Yes+ Yes Not Required

** (International students are eligible with a co-borrower who is a US Citizen or US permanent resident.)
+ (For graduate certificates - Must have an undergraduate degree, enrolled at least half time and be attending a certificate program at an approved, degree-granting institution)