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Digital Media Production

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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Digital Media Production degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in digital media content production and distribution.

The program provides students with the theoretical and technical competence to create meaningful and effective audio-visual content, and offers practical, hands-on experience needed to be successful content creators in an ever-changing digital industry. The program also exposes students to the process of creative ideation and discovery, as well as production asset management and organization. Graduates will be prepared to start personal ventures, work for existing media outlets/companies, or work within corporate media departments. The Digital Media Production degree program aligns with existing South Carolina Career and Technical Education (CTE) Radio and TV programs.



Gradates of the Media and Communication program are expected to be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • to communicate effectively in written communication and audio/video presentation;
  • to understand the fundamental concepts of teamwork and demonstrate the ability to work in teams;
  • to demonstrate a clear perception of media ethics;
  • to demonstrate industry standard knowledge in video, audio, media technology systems, basic production, broadcast design fundamentals, audience presentation, and media production software; and
  • to demonstrate problem solving skills.


Transfer Pathway Guides

Lander University has developed articulation agreements with the South Carolina State Technical College system to improve students’ transition from a technical college to Lander University.

Below is the Suggested Course Sequence to help students progress smoothly through the technical college of their choice and Lander University to earn both an Associate Degree and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Production (LU). All courses listed are required for the degrees, except those where a range of courses is available to choose from, or where courses are listed as electives. The course sequence shown is an example and may be modified in some cases. Students should work closely with their advisor to ensure the chosen courses keep them on track for a timely graduation.


Note: The information below provides convenient links to some of the courses required for this degree; however, it should not be used as a course registration guide. Please refer to the official Lander University Academic Catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date program requirements.

A. Core Skills


  ENGL 101 Writing and Inquiry I 3
  ENGL 102 Writing and Inquiry II 3

Approved Mathematics


B. Humanities and Fine Arts

  ART 101 Introduction to Art 3
  SPCH 101 Speech Fundamentals 3
C. Behavioral and Social Perspectives
(6 hours selected from 2 different disciplines)
D. Scientific and Mathematical Reasoning
    Approved Science or Mathematics 3
    Approved Lab Science 4
E. Founding Documents of the United States
  HIST 111R2

United States History to 1877
HIST 112R2 United States History since 1877
POLS 101R2 American National Government

F. World Cultures 3
G. LINK 101 1
University Requirement
  FALS 101 15 FALS-approved events (Temporarily suspended)


Total General Education Requirements 35

1 For approved courses see the General Education section
If you already have credit for HIST 111, do not take HIST 111R; if you already have credit for HIST 112, do not take HIST 112R; if you already have credit for POLS 101, do not take POLS 101R


Lower Level
MEDA 101 Introduction to Mass Media 3
MEDA 110 Intro to Digital Media Production 3
MEDA 200 Media Skills 3
MEDA 201 Foundations of Producing and Directing 3
MEDA 204 Communication Design 3
MEDA 209 Audio Production
OR MEDA 202 Radio Production
MEDA 219 Communication Photography 3
MEDA 261 Broadcast Writing
OR MEDA 390 Scriptwriting
OR JOUR 201 Introduction to Journalism

Upper Level
MEDA 304 Broadcast Graphics 3
MEDA 310 Digital Video Production 3
MEDA 312 Advanced Audio Production 3
MEDA 350 Web Distribution 3
MEDA 410 Advanced Video Production 3
MEDA 421 Seminar in Media Law and Ethics 3
MEDA 460 Emerging Media 3
MEDA 490 Student Media Internship
OR MEDA 491 Internship in Media and Communication
MEDA 498 Digital Media Production Exit Project 2
MEDA 499 Senior Capstone 1



Select Four (4)*

ENGL 326, ENGL 403, MEDA 240, MEDA 301, MEDA 315MEDA 346, MEDA 370, MEDA 371, MEDA 372, MEDA 380MEDA 401, MEDA 402, MEDA 403, MEDA 450, MEDA 490** or MEDA 491SPAN 327SPCH 302, THTR 308
Total Major Program Requirements 63
Additional Electives 22


*Study Abroad Programs with a production related focus may be included with approval of the department chair

**An additional internship can be used as an elective only after the Major Requirements have been met.

  • Students must earn a "C" or better in all program requirement courses and in ENGL 101 and ENGL 102.
  • Coursework must include at least 30 hours earned in 300 or above level courses, of which 12 hours must be in the major.
  • See the 4-year major guide for recommended order in which to take courses