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Note: The information below provides convenient links to some of the courses required for this degree; however, it should not be used as a course registration guide. Please refer to the official Lander University Academic Catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date program requirements.


English Minor

Students who are pursuing a major in an area other than English may minor in English by taking 18 hours of upper-level English courses (300- or 400-level courses) , including one course from each of the following groups:

I.   Literature: ENGL 301-339, ENGL 401-406, ENGL 414, or HONS 297
II.  Language: ENGL 345 or 413
III. Writing: ENGL 417, WRIT 300, WRIT 350, WRIT 353, WRIT 354, WRIT 364, WRIT 373, WRIT 405, WRIT 450, or WRIT 453

European Studies Minor

The European Studies Minor is open to students from all majors and consists of three components: British literature, European foreign literatures and cultures, and European history. Each of the courses listed below will note the interdisciplinary and cultural symbiosis of European literatures, foreign languages, and histories.

Students minoring in European studies will complete 18 credit hours selected from the three areas as indicated below. A grade of "C" or better is required in each course applied to the European studies minor.

British or European literature - Choose 6 credit hours

*Course is an appropriate selection when a European culture is its focus.

European Languages - Choose 6 credit hours

European history or philosophy - Choose 6 credit hours

**Course is an appropriate selection when a European history is its focus

French Minor

Instruction in the beginning French courses is designed primarily to increase proficiency in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Courses on the 200- and 300-levels emphasize the study of the French language and European culture. While they are designed for students wishing to pursue the French minor, they are also appropriate for any students wanting electives.

To obtain a minor in French, a student must complete 12 hours of French courses numbered 200 and above. Six of these hours must be in courses numbered 300 and above.

Study abroad is available to all students through the Study Abroad Program.

Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework in Spanish. At least 6 credit hours must be at the 300- or 400- level. Coursework must include:

Students pursuing a minor are urged to participate in an approved overseas study program.

Writing Minor

The Writing Minor is open to students from all majors; it is a flexible minor that allows students to choose coursework aligning with their own interests. Students are free to follow a creative writing or a business/technical writing track; students should consult with their academic advisor in selecting the courses most useful for their major. English majors who minor in Writing must carefully select specific writing courses in addition to the 300- or 400- level English classes used to complete their major requirements. The prerequisite for a Writing Minor is a “C” or better in ENGL 102.

Students minoring in writing must take 18 hours from the following course list; of these courses, at least 3 hours must come from WRIT 251, WRIT 275, or WRIT 276.