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Lander University maintains several computer lab spaces located across campus. These labs provide many of the technical resources a student will need during their college career. These resources include software such as the Microsoft Office Suite and the Adobe Creative Suite (limited editions); printing services including Black/White, Color, and Large format printers; and access to specialized equipment such as scanning stations and large-screen computers. These labs provide access to both Mac OS and Windows-based devices. 


Student Laptop Requirement

Lander’s computer labs are up to date and ready to meet student needs; however, students will have additional needs outside of the computer lab for academic assignments. Lander University encourages each student to have access to a mobile computing device (excluding smartphones) that is equipped with programs that are compatible with Microsoft Office Suite programs. Several classes in the general education curriculum require students to bring a mobile computing device to class meetings for in-class word processing assignments; therefore, it is necessary that these devices have a fully functional keyboard. There are also majors and areas of study that have additional technology requirements. The requirements for these devices are set by the department of study and can vary greatly from one department to the next. For this reason, it is recommended that students contact their advisor regarding the technology requirements of their major and minor.

>> Student Laptop Recommendations Guide (PDF) - Updated 05/16/2024