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The following tips will help you prepare yourself and your computer for taking a test in Blackboard. While this information is not guaranteed to prevent all technical problems, you can minimize your chance of experiencing a problem if you use the tips below.

If you get locked out of your test or have missed the test deadline, contact your instructor. It is the instructor’s decision whether or not to let you attempt the test again. Lander ITS staff will not reset a test for you.


Important Points

  • Do not double-click. You only need to single-click items in Blackboard.
  • Do not click any buttons on your browser. Use only the Blackboard navigation options (menus, breadcrumbs, etc.)
  • Do not use the mouse-scroll wheel.
  • Do not maximize or minimize your browser during the test. Maximize your screen before you begin a test.
  • Always wait for the server to finish processing a request before clicking another button.
  • Always save every 15 minutes.

Before You Begin

  • Take your test in a quiet area that is free from distractions.
  • Make sure Java is updated and enabled on your computer.
  • Set aside enough time to complete the test. Do not wait until the last minute. Plan enough time to contact your instructor if anything goes wrong.
  • Use a computer plugged in directly to your Internet router. Do not use a wireless or satellite connection if possible.
  • Close all windows and applications on your computer. Open only one Web browser window to use for Blackboard.
  • Read the exam instructions carefully. Please see the exam option list below for options that your instructor may have applied to your exam.

During the Test

  • Do not double-click any of the buttons in the test. Blackboard uses single-clicks only. Double-clicking will not make the server process your request faster - it will only cause you to get kicked out.
  • Do not click the “Tab” key on the keyboard to move between questions or buttons.
  • Read the Test Instructions section at the top of the test. This area tells you the time limit (if any), how many attempts you are allowed, and if you are able to backtrack (for one-at-a-time question presentation).
  • If your test is presented one question at a time, DO NOT click the “back” button on your browser to go to a previous question. If backtracking is allowed, the test will provide a button to go to previous question.
  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse as little as possible, or find a mouse that does not have a scroll wheel. If you scroll the wheel right after clicking an answer choice, you may inadvertently change your answer on a question. Click the answer choice and then click some blank space on the page to make sure your answer choice was marked correctly.
  • Do not rush through the test and click several buttons at once. Always wait for your browser’s status bar to say “done” whenever you click a button to move to another question or save your answers.
  • Do not switch between multiple windows or tabs, or open other programs. If your instructor allows you to use your notes, print them out before taking the test.
  • If all the questions are presented at once, save your answers every 15 minutes.
  • If you reach the end of the time limit and a window opens that says, "You have reached the end of the time limit.  Click OK to continue," click the Cancel button instead of OK.  The OK button assumes you are finished with the test and will submit it.

Exam Options in Blackboard

Force Completion:  Once you begin the exam, you are required to complete it in one session. As soon as you leave the exam by clicking elsewhere, you will not be able to access it again. For exams that deliver all of the questions on one page, if you did not save any answers or save the exam, none of your answers will be recorded. If you lose connectivity for any reason during the exam, you will not be able to access it again. Adhere to the tips on this site to minimize the potential for losing connectivity.  If you are shut out of the exam, contact your instructor immediately.  Lander ITS staff will not reset an exam for you.