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Lander University's core administrative computer systems is Banner, an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions.

Banner maintains student, financial aid, and human resources data. It consists of five integrated systems:

  • Advancement
  • Financial Aid
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Student

For more information about Banner or to report a problem or request assistance, please contact:

Information Technology Services
Help Desk, Lower Level of Jackson Library
Phone: 864-388-8234

Banner Access Procedure

New users looking to acquire a Banner account must complete the  Banner Access Request Form (PDF) indicating what access the user needs and it should be signed by the Supervisor; then forwarded to the data owner for each module for approval. The data owner forwards the complete form to ITS then the account is created and the user is notified.

ITS does not provide direct Banner training with regard to functional areas. ITS can assist with technical difficulties or basic “How-To” questions. However, individual functional areas (Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Registrar's Office, etc.) are responsible for training personnel on the procedures for carrying out their specific duties.

Additional Information

You can find additional information on the Banner & Bearcat Web Resources page.