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Faculty Bearcat Web FAQ

Bearcat Web is the front end of Lander's Student Information System (SCT Sungard Banner). You will also see and hear Bearcat Web referred to as Self-Service Banner. Bearcat Web is where you will access information about your employee benefits, pay disbursement, tax information, etc. Bearcat Web is also where you will find live, up-to-date class lists, your weekly schedule, student information (including transcripts), advisee information, rosters to enter final grades, etc.
New Faculty members are activated through the Banner system once a signed contract has been received and processed by Human Resources. Once Human Resources has activated a new faculty member, the Registrar's Office is notified that a new faculty member is available for assignment to courses as scheduled by the new faculty member's College and Department. If you are a new faculty member and your course schedule and class rosters are not displayed through Bearcat web, please confirm that your signed contract has been received by the Human Resources Department and that your Department has notified the Registrar's Office of your course assignments. If you are still not able to access your course schedule and class rosters, you can contact the Registrar's Office at 864-388-8398.
Upon employment, you will receive a MyLander Campus Portal Username and Password. The MyLander Campus Portal provides access to Bearcat Web as well as other campus systems such as Blackboard. Questions about access to the MyLander Campus Portal should be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 864-388-8234.

New Faculty & Staff Email FAQ

In order for your Lander University email account to be activated, you must have returned a signed contract to the Office of Human Resources (HR). Once you have submitted a signed contract to the HR Office and it is within 60 days of the start of the first term specified on your contract, HR will notify ITS and your account can be created. Your username and password combination will be mailed directly to you and provided to the administrative assistant of your academic area.
Your email address is your username (as provided) followed by (For example: if your username is jprofessor, your email address is

To access your email from off-campus locations, you can use the Microsoft Office365 Portal. Office365 web access is available from any computer with an internet connection by simply pointing your browser (for example, Internet Explorer) to this web address: On the portal page, enter your email address (i.e. and click the next field. You will automatically be redirected to the organization page where you will be prompted for your username and password.  Your username should be entered in the format of lander\jdoe. Then type in your Lander account password.

Step-by-step instructions for using Outlook365 web access (PDF).

Faculty & Staff SMART Classrooms FAQ

SMART (Shared Multimedia Access to Resources for Teaching)

Classrooms are equipped with podiums, video projectors, DVD players, laptop connections, etc. to allow you to share teaching resources with your class. Some SMART classrooms are equipped with computers, while some require you to bring a laptop. SMART classrooms in some areas also include ELMO projectors and interactive white boards. For more information, please visit the SMART classrooms web page.

Faculty Blackboard FAQ

Courses are automatically generated in Blackboard once a term has been activated through Banner. As course assignments are made and updated in Banner, the changes are carried through to Blackboard. We recommend that you access Blackboard through the MyLander campus portal. The Blackboard channel is located on the Teach/Advise tab.

Faculty Laptop FAQ

If you are a full-time faculty member of Lander University, you will be assigned a faculty laptop computer. When ITS receives notification that a signed contract has been received from the Office of Human Resources, you will be sent a letter with instructions for requesting use of your laptop. ITS will make every effort to prepare and configure your laptop at a date of your convenience; however, your laptop may not be immediately available.
Lander University provides wireless network and internet access in all academic buildings as well as most other facilities on campus. To access the Lander wireless network, simply turn on your laptop wireless adapter or other device and connect to "Lander Wireless." You will need to enter your authentication credentials to gain full internet access. Simply navigate to a non-Lander website on your laptop or device and you should be prompted for your Lander username and password. FAQ