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ITS Technical Services provides assistance to university departments for the procurement of technology equipment which includes desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, mobile devices (iPads), etc. We will work with individual departments to determine equipment requirements based on the job function and the needs of the user and/or department.


New Technology Purchases

Prior to acquiring technology, ITS is required to review and approve request to assure compatibility with network and other systems, assure compliance with licensing requirements, and ensure state contract pricing is considered.  Once a quote is attached to a purchase requisition, and all necessary signatures (including ITS) are obtained, the person making the request submits the materials to Procurement Services.   

If you need assistance with a technology purchase for your department, please contact the ITS help desk at 864-388-8234.

Technology Rotation Plan

ITS recommends replacing computers every 4 to 5 years based on the job function of the computer and the needs of the user and/or department. Laptops should be rotated every 4 years due to the nature of laptop usage while most desktop systems can go for 5 years. New computers should be purchased with a 4 year warranty.

If you feel that your machine is not able to handle the programs you are running or if you are not certain of the age of the computer, ITS will be happy to review your system and make a recommendation as to what action needs to be taken. To request a system review, please call the ITS Help Desk at 864-388-8234.

Faculty Laptop Program

Lander University's Faculty Laptop Program was established to provide all full-time faculty members with an up-to-date laptop computer to facilitate communication and collaboration with students and peers in the university community, academic community at large, and the local Greenwood community.  The laptops are being used creatively both in and out of the classroom to enhance the learning environment for Lander University students.

The Faculty Laptop Program is funded by the South Carolina State Education Lottery and overseen by Lander University's Lottery Technology Committee. Laptops in the Faculty Laptop Program are scheduled for replacement on a four-year cycle. ITS maintains a list of faculty members and their assigned computers. When a computer is due to be replaced, ITS contacts the faculty member and offers a choice of supported systems.