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SHRM Certificate

Prepare for the HR Challenges of the Future with Lander University’s SHRM Course

SHRM-Logo-web.pngEarning your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential can help you enhance your HR expertise, empower positive change in your workplace, and increase your earning potential.

We combine the SHRM Learning System with expert, SHRM-certified instructors to offer you the most flexible and effective way to prepare for success on your exam. The SHRM Learning System creates a personalized study path, based on your knowledge, experience and goals, to help you optimize your study time, learn the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™ (SHRM BASK™) and approach the SHRM Certification exams with confidence.

The curriculum is based on the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge (SHRM BASK), reinforced by the SHRM Learning System, and delivered in an interactive learning environment.

  • Personalized and Flexible: Finding the time to focus on career training can be tough when you’re managing a busy workday and responsibilities at home. Stay on track to earn your certification with a structured learning experience.
  • Affordable: We are committed to keeping your course fees as low as possible, while helping you reach your SHRM certification or professional development goals. We can also help you take advantage of student discounts and funding options available to you.
  • 1-on-1 Support: Gain guidance from SHRM-certified instructors to help you comprehend and learn to apply your new HR knowledge. Network with peers to share real-life examples and bring HR knowledge and competencies to life.


Designed for Your Success

SHRM_materials-web.pngDelivered in an interactive learning environment, this course combines expert instruction with the most comprehensive and effective way to prepare for success on your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam.

The SHRM Learning System is a personalized roadmap to help you master the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge (SHRM BASK) and prepare you for the SHRM certification exams.

  • Customized Study Plan:
    Your instructor will help you make the most of your customized study plan to optimize your valuable study time and keep you on track for your upcoming SHRM Certification exam date. As you progress through the course and complete your learning activities, you’ll see your study plan update in real time and get motivating reminders to keep you on track for success.


  • Online Topic Cards:
    Visualize your study plan through a series of course topic cards depicting SHRM BASK topics. As you move through the course materials, click on a card to access a topic overview or more in-depth study activities. As you complete a topic, another will take its place in your study plan. To sync your personal studies with the course syllabus, simply drag and drop topic cards on and off your study plan.


  • Online Learning:
    Fill your knowledge and competency gaps with interactive online reading content (with optional audio segments) that teaches the entire SHRM BASK. Then, assess your understanding with flashcards and periodic quizzes. Based on your results, the Learning System will either guide you forward to the next topic or provide you with suggested content for further review.


  • Practice Questions:
    Test your knowledge and increase exam day confidence with 2,700+ practice questions presented through online quizzes and a practice exam that includes questions previously used on actual SHRM Certification exams.


  • Bonus Resources:
    Throughout our course, you’ll have support from your SHRM-certified instructor who can provide a broad range of guidance to prepare you for exam day, Additionally, your SHRM Learning System includes a digital copy of Ace Your SHRM Certification Exam study guide, which includes study guidance, test taking tips as well as additional practice questions.


Course Registration

Course registration for Fall 2024 will open May 1, 2024. Classes begin August 19, 2024.


Learn More:

For more information about Lander’s SHRM Certification Program, contact:

Dr. Lloyd Willis
Dean, College of Graduate and Online Studies  |  (864) 388-8424



The Impact of SHRM Certification

Did you know 92% of HR executives agree that it will be important for HR professionals to be SHRM-certified in the future?*

  • Enhances HR Expertise: HR professionals who earn SHRM certification report significantly higher levels of credibility with peers and organizational leaders.
  • Increases Earning Potential: HR professionals who pass the SHRM certification exam report earning salaries 14%-15% higher than peers who do not.
  • Advances Career: 71% of HR executives agree that SHRM certification increases the likelihood of obtaining a promotion in HR and list it as a preferred qualification.
*Source: 2020-2021 Certification & Certification Preparation Resource Guide, SHRM