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MBA, Business Administration

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Whether you want to advance in your current position or be competitive for new opportunities, the Lander MBA is a sound investment in your future.  You will understand business operations like never before and achieve great success as a leader, manager, executive, entrepreneur, and innovator in your chosen industry. The integrated MBA micro-credentials will give you deeper expertise in analytics, leadership, operations and supply chain management, healthcare management, digital marketing, or financial services.

You will graduate with

  • Advanced leadership skills
  • Comprehensive business knowledge
  • Sensitivity and awareness of dynamic business issues, including diversity, sustainability, globalization, and ethics
  • Advanced problem-solving skills leading to sound decision making and strategy
  • Micro-credentials

About the MBA

The MBA is designed to meet student and industry demands. The Lander program provides managerial and strategic insights across various business functions to prepare graduates to lead organizations and drive results. The degree consists of an MBA core of 18 credit hours and 12 credit hours of courses split evenly between two micro-credentials. The micro-credentials are short, focused educational experiences providing marketable knowledge and skills in Business Analytics, Organizational Leadership, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Healthcare Management, Digital Marketing, or Financial Management.

The learning goals of the program include:

  1. Graduates will attain and apply core knowledge in the theories and practices of accounting, finance, management, and marketing
  2. Graduates will attain advanced business knowledge and skills relevant to managing in dynamic environments, including diversity, sustainability, globalization, and ethics
  3. Graduates will learn and apply analytics to produce projects useful for decision-makers
  4. Graduates will produce strategic analyses and plans, to include vision and mission statements
  5. Graduates will demonstrate effective leadership through sound decision making, creative thinking, and problem solving
  6. Graduates will understand their micro-credential role in the context of the business enterprise

Program Advantages

  • Cost: Flat rate tuition of $545 per credit hour, no additional fees. Special tuition rates available for active duty members of the military, veterans, and military spouses.
  • Credit hours required: 30
  • Convenience: 8-week semesters allow students to take just one or two classes at a time and finish in as little as 12 months

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for the Master's in Business Administration degree include:

  • B.A. or B.S. from an accredited institution
  • Completion of Statistics with a 'C' or better
  • Official transcripts of all work must be submitted
  • If a student does not have a business degree, they will need to take BA 600
  • We welcome all applicants and may ask for additional materials if necessary



Note: The information below provides convenient links to some of the courses required for this degree; however, it should not be used as a course registration guide. Please refer to the official Lander University Academic Catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date program requirements.

ACCT 611 Accounting for Decision Making & Control 3
ECON 615 Economic Analysis for Decision Making 3
FINA 612 Applied Corporate Finance 3
MGMT 613 Business Leadership & Contemporary Issues 3
MKT 614 Strategic Marketing Management 3


BA 696 Business Vision, Innovation, & Strategy 3


Choose any 2 groups (12 credit hours):
Business Analytics
MGMT 615 Management Information Systems 3
MGMT 655 Analytics & Big Data Management 3
Supply Chain and Operations Management
MGMT 635 Business Process Management 3
MGMT 665 Supply Chain and Logistics 3
Digital Marketing
MKT 640 Consumer Behavior in the Digital World 3
MKT 650 Digital Marketing 3
Financial Management
FINA 640 Risk Management 3
FINA 650 Advanced Financial Analysis 3
Organizational Leadership
MGMT 625 Leadership and Management 3
MGMT 645 Human Resource Environment 3
Healthcare Management
HCMT 610 Healthcare Management Operations 3
HCMT 620 Healthcare Economics and Financial Systems 3
  • An additional three credit hours in BA 600 is required for students without a business degree.​

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For more information about the program or assistance with the application procedure, please submit a Request for Information.



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