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Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) is an authentication method that will require you to provide two or more verification factors to log into your lander account. When you log in using MFA, you authenticate your identity by using a second factor, either a cell number, alternate authentication phone, or by using the Microsoft Authenticator App.


Set Up MFA

Step 1

Click this link to submit a Service Desk request to enable MFA on your account.



Step 2

Go to and sign in with your email address. After you sign in you will be prompted to set up MFA. Click Next to start.



Step 3

Now you will need to get the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device. To do this search for Microsoft Authenticator app in your devices app store and follow the instructions on your device for installing the app. After you have installed the app click Next.



Step 4

Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device. As instructed, select Add account and then select Work or school account. Then, click Next.



Step 5

On the Scan the QR code page, scan the displayed QR code with the authenticator app and then select Next. If you are unable to scan the QR code, select the Can’t scan image? option to get a code that you will be able to enter in the app.



Step 6

You will now be sent a notification on the app to approve. After approving the notification you have completed MFA setup. The next time you attempt to log into your account you will be prompted to use your second authentication method.




Updating Email Access on your Smart Phone After Enabling MFA.

After enrolling for MFA, some Lander account holders may receive a message that their device is not able to connect and/or may receive an email informing them that their device may not receive Lander email. In most cases, this simply means that the native email client on their device is not able to authenticate with Microsoft’s MFA methods. For assistance with this situation, please call the ITS Help Desk at (864) 388-8234 or follow these steps.

  1. Remove Lander email address from device:
    1. iOS: Settings → Mail → Lander Account → Delete/Remove account from device.
    2. Android: Mail App → Settings → Accounts → Lander Account → Delete/Remove account from device.
  2. Download Microsoft Outlook from the application store for your device.
  3. Add Lander account to Microsoft Outlook.


You can download the Microsoft Outlook App for iOS here:

You can download the Microsoft Outlook App for Android here:

Some Microsoft Outlook users will be prompted to sign in again after MFA registration is complete.

Devices on campus and connected to “Bearcat Guest” will be unable to authenticate their email account. For those devices we recommend forgetting “Bearcat Guest” and connecting to “Bearcat Wireless” with their current Lander Username and password.

Manage authentication options for your MFA

  • To add or edit your MFA options and settings visit
  • If you have changed your mobile phone number or lost/obtained a new device, you will need to contact ITS for assistance.

Help Desk: 864-388-8234

Microsoft Authenticator App Tips

  • The Microsoft Authenticator app is a good choice to use if you do not have optimal reception with your mobile phone service provider and/or if you plan to travel.
  • To use the Microsoft Authenticator app, your mobile phone or tablet needs access to a wireless connection.
  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall the Outlook app when setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone or tablet.