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Academic transcripts of coursework successfully completed at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency will be considered for Lander University credit. Coursework completed at institutions accredited by other agencies recognized by the US Department of Education may also be considered.

Courses may be transferable, provided the student earned a grade of "C" or better in each course. Credits transferred to Lander are not used in computing the student's Lander grade point average.

Lander University reserves the right to determine whether any particular course meets the requirements and standards of the University for transfer. Although a course may be transferable, it may not necessarily apply to a particular major, program, or degree.

Generally, credits earned in courses that fall into one or more of the following categories are not transferable to Lander:

  • Courses that are occupational or technical in nature;
  • Courses that are essentially remedial in nature;
  • Courses from a two-year institution which are considered upper division or upper level at Lander
  • Courses from two-year institutions that are not listed as part of that institution's college parallel program; and
  • Courses exempted through any form of testing or assessment at another institution.

Transfer applicants having completed all admission procedures and requirements at least 30 days prior to registration may view an evaluation of credits accepted by transfer to the University online at MyLander. Applicability of those credits toward a degree program is determined by the major department or college in which the student is enrolled. The number of credits acceptable to the University and the number creditable toward a particular major degree or program may differ.

The American Council on Education (ACE) Transfer Guide is used to evaluate special courses, seminars, etc. The ACE Military Guide is used to evaluate military experience and training for college credit. Please contact the Registrar's Office for specific information.

International students wishing to transfer college-level credit must have a "course by course" evaluation completed by a Credential Evaluation Service certified by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Contact the Office of International Programs for a listing of potential translation services. Descriptions for each course should be provided by the students. Costs associated for these services are the student's responsibility.

NOTE: Students who withhold any part of their record at another institution may be permanently dismissed without credit for work completed at Lander University.

See the Academic Catalog for information relating to credit by examination which allows students to begin academic study at a level appropriate to their experience and enables adults to obtain credit for learning accomplished outside the classroom.

The South Carolina Course Articulation and Transfer System serves as the primary tool and source of information for transfer of academic credit between and among institutions of higher education in the state. The system provides institutions with the software tools needed to update and maintain course articulation and transfer information easily. The student interface of this system is the South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center (SCTRAC) web portal: This web portal is an integrated solution to meet the needs of South Carolina's public colleges and universities and their students and is designed to help students make better choices and avoid taking courses which will not count toward their degree. Each institution's student information system interfaces with to help students and institutions by saving time and effort while ensuring accuracy and timeliness of information.

The state transfer policy is found in its entirety on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education's web site at

In order to comply with state guidelines, the following information is noted relative to Lander University:

Transfer Officer
Office of Registrar
Lander University
Greenwood, SC 29649-2099 24
Phone: 1-864-388-8503 (direct)
1-888-4LANDER (toll free)
Fax: 1-864-388-8028

Prospective transfer students are also encouraged to refer to the University's homepage or the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education's website.


All of the above policies governing the granting of academic credit can be found in the Lander University Catalog under the following headings:

  • Transfer Credits
  • Evaluation of Transfer Credits
  • State Transfer Policy for Public Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions in South Carolina
  • Advanced Standing