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Lander Students Seek Job Opportunities on Campus

Lander University students, including Olivia Abela, right, met with campus departments to discuss job openings for student workers. Photo by Laura Wood

“Now Hiring” signs are plentiful in cities across the United States.

As students returned to classes, Lander University, too, put out its own call for workers during the On-Campus Student Worker Fair.

One of those students was Olivia Abela, of Simpsonville, who was interested in positions with the University’s athletics department.

Looking for a job to help finance her education and allow her to get to know more people on campus, Abela wanted a job that would be accessible and also convenient for her class schedule. She thought the opportunity to work with ticket sales could be a good match.

“I really enjoy sports,” said Abela, a special education major.

During her time at Hillcrest High School, Abela developed social media content for sports and also was a photographer for the school’s yearbook. “I’ve always loved watching sports, and I think that working in ticket sales would give me a chance to watch games and get to know new people.”

Ticket sales also appealed to Christopher Thompson, of Greenville, who is majoring in business. “I like talking to people, and this is a good opportunity to meet people and make some money.”

Heather Pilgrim, of the athletics department, said ticket sales are a popular job on campus and an area of employment with great need. “We have more than 160 events each year, and we need people. Students get paid, and they get to watch sports. They have the chance to talk to the public. Students like working with our department.”

Courtney Carpenter, employment coordinator for Career Services, said positions for desk assistants in the residence halls, peer tutors, tech crew members and other jobs were available. “We have some very good jobs that remain open for students, and there is a lot of interest. More students are interested in jobs than are available.”

Having an on-campus job has many advantages, she said.

Students have less stress with transportation, and campus offices are willing to work with a student’s course schedule. “Having a job while you’re in college helps you build your resume for future employment. You’re building your confidence, too, and learning new skills. For some, this is the first time they have worked, so the experience is valuable.”

Frank McVay, technical director for Special Events, was recruiting students for the University’s tech crew. The job involves the setup, management and breakdown of events held across campus.

“Students have the chance to be part of a crew and belong to a group. They help behind the scenes and have access to events,” he said, noting that the Special Events staff depend on five student employees to help with the department’s work.

Khayla Risher, of Irmo, a junior majoring in exercise science, was among the students interested in a position with the tech crew. “This would be my first chance to work on campus,” she said. “I enjoy going to campus events and to sports events. This could be a good job for me.”

The most popular job on campus is working as a desk assistant in the library. “Students love working in the library,” Carpenter said. “Those jobs fill up quickly, but there are many other great jobs at Lander for our students.”