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Student Organization Resources

Promoting Your Event

Spread the word and build excitement about your event!

Student Activities Marketing Assistance Form
Click below to fill out a form to receive assistance on advertising your program or event.

Click here to complete a marketing assistance form

Social Media: LU Student Life

Web Event Calendar - must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance

Digital Flyers on Dynasign

Flyers and Posters

  • Must be stamped at the Office of Student Life. Please bring a copy of your facility approval for the event that was emailed to the organization's president.
  • Include your group's name on flyer
  • Posters may be placed at approved locations ONLY after these criteria have been met:
    • President has received an e-mail confirmation from the facilities coordinator that the room or area has been approved.
    • President has received an e-mail confirmation from the Fundraising Committee that the fundraiser has been approved.
    • Organization has obtained approval from the Student Life office for any posters/flyers advertising the event. Each poster, etc. must be stamped.
  • Take down flyers after event is over
  • Where to hang flyers on campus


Please remember that your event must be approved by the Office of Student Life before being promoted on campus.

Bearcat Buzz Submission Form

The Bearcat Buzz is a weekly email that is sent out each Sunday evening and includes: all important academic dates, university call-to action items, university sponsored events, athletic events, FALS approved specific events, a job board, student organization sponsored events, a highlight section for a student, student group, or alumni, a community corner section for Greenwood events, and an LUPD and Dining Services section. The deadline for submissions is 8am each Friday. Be sure to include: Event name, Date, Time, Location, Organization, club, or department with link to more information if possible.

Click here to submit your event

Student Organization Field Guide