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MAT, Visual Art K-12

Lander University is accredited by the National Association of Schools in Art and Design (NASAD) and The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The MAT program at Lander University is a graduate degree program with a focus in art education. This degree is designed for the practical preparation of qualified individuals seeking initial certification in art, K-12. Candidates must have a BFA degree in visual art or have completed at least 30 credit hours of advanced undergraduate studio coursework with their undergraduate degree. MAT Graduates are certified to teach K-12 in South Carolina. In addition, graduates will be prepared to seek additional advanced degrees, including an MFA and Ph.D. The Lander MAT degree targets exceptional art students who aspire to be accomplished artists as well as artist educators. Students who pursue an undergraduate

BFA degree from Lander will have the opportunity to enter the MAT on an accelerated track, completing both degrees within a 5-year time span. Prospective applicants interested in this degree path should seek advising as soon as possible.


This program of study provides:

  • Development of skills and sensitivities needed by art and design professionals and scholars
  • conceptual development in art
  • insight into the role of art and design in intellectual and cultural life
  • communication in and about the arts
  • pathway to initial K-12 certification
  • advanced inquiry and study in art education areas of curriculum, methodology, philosophy, and contemporary issues in art education
  • exploration of the relationship between teaching process and creative processes
  • specialized graduate level studio work in studio and art history



Program Highlights

  • Earn K-12 teacher certification for Art in SC
  • Take advantage of the rising demand for art teachers in SC - Art is a "Critical Needs" area in SC
  • Develop as an artist AND a teacher
  • Take graduate level courses in Art Education, Graduate Art History, and Graduate Art Studio
  • Showcase your original artwork in a final M.A.T. Exhibition
  • Enter the workforce with an advanced salary
  • Learn from the BEST! The greater Greenwood community of art educators is accomplished, encouraging, and close-knit
  • Numerous M.A.T. alumni are SC Art Educators Association award winners

Admission Requirements

There are three major steps in the process of degree attainment for the MAT degree program: admission to MAT program, admission to Clinical Practice, and Program Completion. Students seeking admission to the MAT must hold a BFA degree, be in the process of completing a Lander BFA degree, or have earned at least 30 credit hours of advanced undergraduate level studio coursework with their undergraduate degree.


1. Admission to the MAT Program

Current Lander BFA students may be formally admitted to the MAT portion of the degree program as early as their senior year of study. Students wishing to begin this program in their senior year must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and must have passing scores on PRAXIS II content area test. Students who have already earned their BFA at Lander or another institution may apply for the MAT program, but must complete the following undergraduate courses as a part of their MAT curriculum:

EDUC 223: General Pedagogy EDUC 203: Field Experience I

SPED 223: Pre K – 12 Students with Diverse Learning Needs EDUC 300 or EDUC 320: Reading and Writing in the Content Area

Students must meet minimum progress requirements at each level.


2. Admission to Clinical Practice

Admission to Clinical Practice requires:

  1. Application to the South Carolina Department of Education for certification which requires fingerprint and background check approval;
  2. Application to the Department of Teacher Education for admission to Clinical Practice;
  3. Acceptance during the semester prior to the student teaching experience;
  4. Completion of specified courses in the MAT program of studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Two grades of “C” in any graduate courses preclude continuation in the program. Any grade lower than a “C” must be replaced by retaking the course with a grade of “B” or better before advancing to the next course in the program of studies. Failure to earn a replacement grade of “B” or better means discontinuation in the program
  5. Completion of 100 hours of field experience including a two-week placement at a single site;
  6. Favorable recommendation by the MAT Art Education Faculty and by the Dean of the College of Education; and
  7. Passing scores on the PRAXIS II Subject Assessments/Specialty Area Tests required for certification in art by the south Carolina Department of Education. It should be noted that a candidate must pass the PRAXIS II before obtaining state certification.


3. Program Completion

To complete requirements for the MAT degree program, teacher candidates must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on all graduate work, successfully complete student teaching, and demonstrate competence with the four learner outcomes of the unit’s conceptual framework as evidenced by observed teaching and compilation of a Professional Education Portfolio. BFA/MAT


Program completion requirements include:

  • BFA/MAT Final Exhibition
  • Successful presentation and summative defense evaluated by professionals in the fields of art, art education and education.
  • All coursework for the Master of Arts in Teaching must be completed within a period of 6 years.


The Lander MAT degree targets exceptional art students who aspire to be accomplished artists as well as artist educators,.This program explores the relationship between the teaching process and the creative process. In addition, it fosters development of skills and sensitivities needed by art and design professionals and is a pathway to initial K-12 certification. Specific standards outlined by the National Association of School of Art and Design and The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education include:
  1. Demonstration of knowledge in the content area, scholarly inquiry, and pedagogy
    1. Must complete an approved program of study, have no more than six semester hours with grades of “C” and have a GPA of 3.0 or above
    2. Upon receiving the first grade of “C”, the student will be required to meet with the director of the MAT program to develop an academic progress plan. Upon receiving a second grade of “C” the student will not be permitted to continue in the degree program.
    3. All work for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree must be completed within a period of six years
    4. Any remedial course work needed to meet the requirement required undergraduate coursework must be completed before admission to student teaching.
    5. PRAXIS II scores
  2. Successful completion of Clinical Practice
    1. Observation of lessons taught
    2. Teacher Education assessment requirements demonstrating an acceptable level of competence in all learner outcomes of the Professional Educator
  3. Exhibition
    1. Professional presentation of studio products of BFA/MAT courses
    2. Preparation, installation, and publicity for a meaningful exhibition of K-12 student artworks from the student’s Clinical Practice.
  4. Program Defense
    1. Reflective demonstration of achievement for the learner outcomes of the Professional Educator
    2. Effective communication incorporating technology and oral response to questions.



Note: The information below provides convenient links to some of the courses required for this degree; however, it should not be used as a course registration guide. Please refer to the official Lander University Academic Catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date program requirements.

ART 611

Curriculum and Assessment in Art, K-12

ART 612

Practices for Teaching Art: Materials and Methods

ART 621

History and Philosophy of Art Education

EDUC 601

Clinical Practice

EDUC 622

Advanced Growth and Development of the Learner



ART 631

The Artist Teacher

ART 653

Graduate Art History Seminar 

ART 661

MAT Exhibitions and Defense


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