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Student Support Services (TRiO) is committed to providing quality academic services to improve the overall success of their participants while increasing their exposure to cultural, educational, and career-related activities. Improved persistence, graduation, and transfer rates are top priorities. To that end they offer an array of services: tutoring, mentoring, counseling services, academic advising, graduate school tours and information, assistance navigating financial aid and other university-level programs and departments, cultural activities, workshops and much more. 


Academic Advising

Academic advising is a well-liked service component of the SSS PASSport Program, which assists students in making choices and decisions about courses to take based on their chosen field of study. Often, the pace and scheduling of academics in the college environment is far more rigorous and demanding than what students experienced in high school. Through academic advising, students will meet with their assigned SSS adviser to learn to navigate the maze of educational options available to them in a wise and proficient manner.

* Final approval of all academic schedules must be obtained from the student's assigned faculty adviser.

Counseling Services

The counseling services offered by the SSS PASSport program focus on personal, academic and career needs. We all know that with independence comes responsibilities, and learning to manage your more active life can be stressful. However, it doesn't have to drain you of your motivation, nor do you have to shoulder these problems alone. We will provide the guidance, encouragement and tools necessary for you to manage the numerous responsibilities that come with being independent, and refer you for clinical counseling with licensed professionals when more in-depth and ongoing services are needed. Confidentiality is always strictly maintained.


One of the most useful services provided by SSS PASSport is peer-to-peer tutoring, at no cost to participants. Peer tutors are students who excel in the subjects they tutor and wish to help their classmates achieve the highest possible grades. Peer tutors must meet a high academic standard, maintaining a minimum 3.0 grade point average and having the recommendation of the professor with whom they took the class they are tutoring. Also of great appeal to many students is the ability to receive tutoring in a setting other than a classroom. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable being tutored in the library or in one of the common areas; maybe a tutoring lab environment might actually provide you with the atmosphere you need to absorb knowledge. Either way, the time and place for tutoring is determined by the tutor and tutee.

NOTE: Students must clear new tutoring venues with the Tutor Coordinator, Roderick Houston BEFORE moving.


Have you ever wondered how others around you became so proficient at note-taking, managing their time and studying? Well, we know the answer - they attended a workshop or picked up workshop skills from others around them. So, to level the playing field, we're providing all SSS PASSport participants with workshops throughout the semester. Some of the workshops that will be available are:

  • Study Skills

  • Time Management
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Test Anxiety Reduction
  • Career Building
  • Resume Building
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking

Throughout the year, SSS will offer workshops appropriate for the academic environment, for example, Stress Management and Test Taking Skills will be provided before exams, while Time Management and Study Skills will be offered at the beginning of the semester. While attendance to two workshops a semester will be mandatory, we recommend attending every single one. Students requesting relief will be granted permission to complete one workshop online through WebCT.

These workshops will benefit you both educationally and, eventually, professionally. Ask any professional, there will never be a point when reducing stress and managing your time are not vital skills to have at your disposal.

Cultural Activities

We here at SSS find that many college students have had little exposure to culturally enriching events and activities prior to entering college. There are a number of reasons for this isolated existence, but the main cause is lack of opportunity. For a number of students, coming to Lander University is the greatest cultural and travel experience they've had, according to Fred Bosarge, former Dean of Students. To rectify this situation Student Support Services plans a number of events each semester to introduce our participants to some of the wonderful programs, plays, and places open to them locally and in neighboring counties. Some examples of what may be offered in the coming year are:

  • Historic Charleston and Hilton Head, S.C.
  • Historic Atlanta, Ga.
  • Columbia McKissick Museum
  • Brainerd Institute
  • Newberry Opera House
  • Peace Center in Greenville

Also, you may want to see us if a cultural activity is being offered by the university and you cannot afford to go. Under certain financial circumstances the SSS PASSport Program can help fund your participation in that activity.

Graduate School & Professional Programs

We realize you may think it is too early in your college career to be considering graduate schools, professional programs or long-term career goals, but trust us, IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY! Many students are shocked by how quickly their college years fly by, and quality graduate schools and professional programs often accept only the top students that apply. Similarly, you are frequently called upon to take some type of standardized test, like the GRE, MCAT or LSAT, long before the deadline for graduate applications arrives. These tests, details of which may also be found here, aren't easy, and some students feel they have to retake the tests to improve their overall score, meaning they have to finish the first test during their junior year so they won't be pressed for time should they need to retest.

Do you know which test is required for the graduate program that interests you? Do you know what courses would most appeal to a panel of professors reviewing applications? Has anyone ever told you that certain Gen. Ed. courses actually improve your chances of mastering logic skills, arguing effectively and thinking critically? All skills that are measured by many standardized test.

We are more than eager to pass our knowledge on to our participants. We will take you to see various schools and programs so you understand what is available to you and show you how to evaluate programs so you know they measure up to your standards and that of the professional community. We will help you prepare your graduate application, introduce you to professionals in your field of interest so you can start developing your network, and provide you with opportunities to intern in the field.

SSS College Success Seminar

Incoming freshmen face a number of challenges upon entering college, a few of which are learning new study habits, time management, prioritization of responsibilities, and navigating the myriad administrative and financial offices. To ease the transition for incoming freshman who enter the Student Support Services PASSport program, we have developed a College Success Seminar. The program consists of eight class meetings where students are introduced to many of Lander's administrators and directors, receive guidance in identifying learning styles, and given basic college success tools and skills that improve academic performance. New SSS participants are also introduced to upperclassmen and campus organizations as a means of developing the type of connectedness to the university that increases a student's desire to succeed. So let us help you become a part of something you will always be proud of - Lander University.

Career Services

So now you're in college, you are getting a taste of the various programs through your general education classes, but you are still not sure what career will best suit you. The SIGI 3 career assessment software provided by the SSS PASSport Program will help you identify the best career/major choice for you. One of the reasons career assessments are so important and useful is their ability to indicate the many professions you like, which are most likely to suit your personality.

College Board Keys Compact

Lander University has become a charter member of the College Board's CollegeKeys Compact, which seeks to support students from low-income families as they work toward preparing for, entry into and succeeding in college. As part of the CollegeKeys initiative, Lander has entered into a contract with the College Board to pursue ways of helping students get into and excel while attending college. The initiative includes actions such as providing more mentors for young people; helping educators understand the challenges faced by first-generation students or those who come from low-income families; and providing tutoring, supplemental instruction and culturally relevant programs to students.