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University Launches New Certificate Program with Society for Human Resource Management

Officials at Lander University announced today that the University has been selected as an educational partner of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to provide advanced training to human resource professionals across the state.

With this designation as an SHRM Educational Partner, Lander will provide courses designed to help HR professionals earn SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications. These are considered the gold standard in the field of human resource management.

“This partnership is an extension of the University’s commitment to workforce development and further enhances our portfolio of employment-focused programs,” said Dr. Lloyd Willis, dean of the College of Graduate and Online Studies at Lander. “The University offers online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sixteen subjects and enrolls students employed by sixteen partner corporations and over 75 public and nonprofit agencies. Offering SHRM certification prep courses will help us further support all our corporate, government, and nonprofit partners across all industry sectors.”

Willis is also proud of the fact that Lander’s pursuit of SHRM Educational Partner status grew out of Lander’s close relationship with the Piedmont Area Human Resources Association, the local SHRM chapter for the Lakelands region. “We work hard to let PAHRA know Lander is here to support its mission,” Willis said, “and we communicate regularly with PAHRA about the educational needs of the organization and its local stakeholders.”

Olivia Lewis, president of PAHRA, has been involved in Lander’s pursuit of SHRM Educational Partner status from the start. “PAHRA is thrilled with Lander’s engagement with the Human Resources community,” said Lewis. “PAHRA told Lander about an unfilled need, and the University responded. We look forward to having SHRM-CP prep courses available on a regular basis and continuing to strengthen the connections between higher education and the workforce.”

Lander expects to offer its first SHRM-CP course in the fall of 2024.