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Helping Those Who Help Our Communities: Lander’s Special Tuition Rate for Public Agency and Nonprofit Employees

Commencement-F22-LMB_9397.jpgAt Lander University, we’re thankful for those who make our communities better, brighter, and safer.

Maybe you’re one of the nearly 60,000 people who work for the State of South Carolina. You might be a first-responder, or an administrator for city or county government. You might be a federal employee, or an employee of a registered non-profit organization, working anywhere in the United States. Whoever you are, Lander sees the value in the hard work you do.

That’s why we offer an exclusive tuition rate for public and non-profit employees!

“Lander created this discount to serve the public and non-profit sectors because we appreciate what individuals working for these organizations contribute to communities, locally, across the state and beyond,” said Dr. Lloyd Willis, dean of the College of Graduate and Online Studies at Lander. Currently, there are employees from 64 different government and nonprofit agencies pursuing online degrees at Lander, and Willis says “we look forward to continued growth in this outreach program.”

Through the public and non-profit employee tuition discount, Lander has enrolled students from all walks of life. We’ve helped police officers earn a BS in Criminology, and teachers earn an M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning. County administrators have earned an MS in Emergency Management, and non-profit coordinators have earned their BS in Business Administration or even an MBA.

And all of them have earned these degrees online with the College of Graduate and Online Studies through an exclusive tuition rate for public and non-profit employees!

Higher education is an important investment. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that employees with a four-year degree earn over 65% more per week than those with just a high school diploma, and 42% more than those with an associate’s degree. And, those with graduate degrees earn even more.

Lander has an eight-year track record of keeping tuition affordable for students, having kept its tuition frozen since 2015. Our exclusive tuition rate for public and non-profit employees makes a college degree even more accessible for those looking to further their education and advance their careers.

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