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Orientation Begins at Lander

Students head to their rooms in Centennial Hall following orientation at Lander University on Monday, June 26. Photo by Laura B. Wood

An estimated 224 freshmen reported to Lander University on Monday, June 26, for the summer’s first two-day session devoted to new student orientation.

For many, the day began in other towns, in the wee hours of the morning. By late afternoon, when they picked up keys to the rooms in Centennial Hall, where they would spend the night, they were exhausted from the day’s rigors.

“Right now, I’m about to go in the dorm room and take me a nap,” said Kaylee Scewarc, of Belton.

Despite “getting up super-early,” the day was “really good,” according to Nathan Brown, of York.

“I like the campus. It’s just a really nice place,” he said.

Zoe Flanagan, of Mt. Pleasant, who accepted an offer to join the women’s rugby team, said she was “having a great time. I love the environment, and the people are great,” she said.

During orientation, students have IDs made, meet with their academic advisors, finalize their class schedules, resolve any issues with financial aid, pay bills, and attend to other important items of business.

It’s also a time for students to get more familiar with campus and the resources available to them.

“We’ve gotten to go around and meet with different campus connections,” said Katie Wagner, of Union, one of 17 orientation leaders. “They’ve heard from the Wellness Center, ITS, LUPD, and Housing. They’ve gotten a lot of information today, not just from us, but from a lot of campus partners.”

Matt Weyer, of Greenwood, who also serves as an orientation leader, had good things to say about the students that he had been working with all day.

“They seem like they’re interested in what they’re learning, and making sure they’re ready to be here in the fall. It’s been a fun day,” he said.