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Do What You Love: Nathan Bridges Completes BSN Degree with Lander’s RN-BSN Completion Program

ACD-ONL-NURS-Nathan-Bridges-SP23.jpgAfter earning a degree in business, former Lander University baseball player Nathan Bridges spent his first few years out of college working in the accounting field. But in 2018, after his wife became pregnant with their daughter, Bridges was motivated “to do something more rewarding.”

“I wanted something I could go home and be proud about every night,” he explained. “So, I hopped out of the accounting field and went into nursing.”

After earning his EMT certification, he began working as a patient care technician in the emergency room at Self Regional Healthcare and quickly completed an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). But knowing the benefits of a four-year nursing degree, Bridges returned to his alma mater by enrolling in Lander’s online 10-month RN-BSN completion program.

“I decided to take the next step,” said Bridges. “I wanted to be a more well-rounded nurse for the patients we’re taking care of. We have special people in Greenwood that I’m privileged to take care of.”

Bridges knows his BSN degree will open doors for him in the future. Working as a CRNA, a nurse practitioner, or a flight nurse are all opportunities that appeal to him, and he says completing his BSN degree through Lander’s RN-BSN program is the right step towards future career goals.

But what’s most important to Bridges is that his BSN degree will help him provide patients with the highest level of care possible, which is the mission of Self Regional Healthcare and its CEO, Dr. Matt Logan.

“He wants Self Regional to be the best place to get care, and he wants it to be the best place to give care,” said Bridges. “Speaking of Self specifically, they’re a special place. They’re full of many compassionate caregivers, doctors, nurses, technicians… all of them truly care about what they’re doing.”

Bridges is happy to recommend Lander’s RN-BSN completion program to ADN nurses, at Self-Regional and beyond, calling the program “a no-brainer” for registered nurses. “I didn’t have to take out any loans and it was truly minimal cost to do the program,” he said.

Bridges also appreciated Lander’s online delivery, which made it easy for him to continue working at Self Regional while completing his BSN degree.

“Lander’s RN-BSN program has given me a fast and affordable way to complete my education while working in the healthcare industry,” he said. “I’ve been able to learn while doing what I love.”