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2023 Academic Symposium Called ‘Fantastic’

AcademicSymposium2023.jpgLander University biology major Chandler Russian, right, of Ninety Six, discusses “Going Nuts: Eastern Gray Squirrel Behavior Is Unaffected by Predator Activity,” at this year’s Student Academic Symposium. Russian, who worked on the research project with Senior Lecturer of Biology Elizabeth McDonald and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Emily Prince, said that squirrels are escape artists. “Maybe they’re ignoring the presence of predators until the point that the predators are trying to eat them, because they’re small, nimble and quick. If they can eat as much as possible before they run, that’s better for their survival,” he said.

     Professor of English Dr. Lillian Craton, who serves as coordinator of the symposium, called this year’s event “fantastic,” with more than 100 students representing 15 different academic disciplines participating. “This opportunity for students to flex their professional and communication skills also gives our community a chance to see the impressive work Lander undergraduate and graduate students are doing all year,” she said.