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Lander Offers SAT Prep Course for High School Students

Lander University will host an intense fast-paced SAT prep course for high school students July 14 - August 4. Enrollment for the course, which is called SAT PRO, is strictly limited to 15 students.

SAT scores are pivotal components of students' college applications. Most colleges and universities rely upon the scores in making admission decisions.

Lander's SAT PRO prep course will focus on test-taking strategies, as well as math and reading and writing concepts covered in the exam. Instructors will explain how the SAT is written so that participants can develop a targeted approach for each question type.

Taking a SAT prep course has proven to be successful in giving high school students a leg-up over their peers, as participants usually see an improvement of 100 points or more in their scores.

Registration for Lander's SAT PRO course is $185 and is open to all high school students. More information can be obtained by calling (864) 388-8426, sending an email or by going online.