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The Student Success Center provides academic advising to a variety of special population students. During advising sessions, academic plans are created with an Student Success Center staff member by assessing the students' needs, goals, interests, and prior academic experiences in order to guide students to a successful academic plan. In addition, students are advised on university policies, programs of study, degree options, and possible consequences about their academic decisions. Academic advising is provided on an individual or group setting.

Student Populations we advise:

  • General Education: students who have not declared a major (i.e. undecided)
  • Nursing Applicants: students who have not yet met the nursing requirements
  • Probationary Students: students that have demonstrated academic difficulty while attending Lander
  • Summer Advisement: during the months of May - August (when there are fewer faculty advisors on campus)
  • Transfer students: new students who are transferring in from 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities.

Student Success Advising

The Student Success Advisors provide individualized support to Freshmen and some Sophomores, by assisting with setting educational goals and offering both academic and social direction. Students are assigned an advisor when they arrive at Lander based on their major and area of study. Once students begin taking more specific major related courses, they are assigned an advisor within their College of study.

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Probation Advising

If your GPA drops below a 2.0, you will find yourself on Academic Probation. As part of the Student Academic Success Program (SASP), your first step is to meet with your Student Success Advisor. They will help guide you on the best course of action to improve your GPA and stay away from Academic Suspension (see diagram below). If you fall into Academic Suspension, you will be required to take the following full semester off. From there, you can apply for readmission and appeal to return after the semester break. In some cases, you may also be required to fill out a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal. Coordinate with your Student Success Advisor to make your best plan for success.

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Academic Suspension:

Overall Hours Earned

Cumulative Institution GPA










For questions, contact the Student Success Center at (864) 388-8308 or

Retention Programs

The Student Academic Success Program (SASP) - provides individualized assessment of students on academic probation. Students are given specific advice on courses to repeat, study skill workshop, courses to attend, and tutorial services.

Early Alert/Student Concern - helps identify students who are having difficulty in coursework early in the term. These students are referred to the Student Success Center by the student concern/early alert form for tutorial assistance, study skills enhancement, and/or counseling.

College Seminar 101 (CSEM 101) - designed to help students develop effective study skills. In College Seminar, students refine their skills through peer interaction and direct application of newly acquired skills to apply to their current coursework. This course examines various topics needed for college success (i.e. note taking, time management, concentration, study strategies, test taking strategies and test anxiety).

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