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Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) is a form of mid-course formative feedback that is designed to channel student perceptions of their learning into opportunities for instructional improvement. Evidence shows that this small investment of in-class time can lead to increased student engagement and learning across the course. This anonymous, confidential process can also be done in online synchronous and asynchronous courses. Find more information in the SGIF brochure.


How will SGIF help?

  • Immediate feedback and concrete suggestions allow instructors to make timely adjustments as the course is progressing.
  • Students feel their voices have been heard and that the instructor is concerned about their learning.
  • The process is confidential and anonymous which tends to elicit more constructive feedback.
  • Using an intermediary encourages students to give honest feedback that better reflects upon student preferences and needs.
  • Students work in groups and hear what their peers think.
  • A guided discussion enables students to explain their ideas which helps the instructor to better understand and use the information.
  • The SGIF process by itself seems has beneficial effects, even before the faculty member makes changes based on the feedback.
  • It increases communication between the instructor and students.
  • It has a positive effect on student attitude towards the instructor and student motivation for the course.
  • It focuses on instructional improvement as opposed to administrative evaluation.
  • Results are discussed in a one-on-one follow-up session to help the instructor understand the feedback and brainstorm potential changes.
  • Evidence shows that it positively affects the results of end-of-semester evaluations.

Schedule a Visit

SGIF visits will be available February 13 through March 24, 2023. To schedule a visit for Spring 2023, click here.

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